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See the dramatic effects fragrance has on the way we feel

* Glade.jpgIf you have ever denied the importance of a washroom smelling clean as well as looking clean, or the impact a particular smell might have on the productivity of your workforce or the way your customers will perceive your business, a new initiative by S C Johnson should convince you otherwise...

The company is inviting visitors to explore their emotions at The Museum of Feelings, an interactive experience built to showcase the beautiful connection between scent and emotion.

This interactive installation is free and open to the public until December 15th. The experience is also available online, for those living too far from New York where the museum is situated.

On Monday night, host and popular singer, songwriter and actress, Becky G, performed an acoustic set at the curtain-raising launch of The Museum of Feelings. Becky G, known for her hit single, 'Shower', also tried out the technology in the various galleries. "As an artist, I am constantly bringing my emotions to life through my music," says the performer (pictured). "The Museum of Feelings is brought together in such a cool way by Glade and its design partners - it really does show how fragrance can impact our emotions."

A structure and experience that truly is the first-of-its kind, the exterior of The Museum of Feelings will change colour,based on the mood of New York City. The mood is determined using the sentiment of conversations by New Yorkers on Twitter, coupled with local news and trends including the weather, stock exchange fluctuations and flight delays.

Visitors to The Museum of Feelings will first experience a responsive mood wall where they can see their shadows break apart into the colours represented throughout the space before moving into five unique galleries that reflect the mood of each visitor. The immersive galleries, each inspired by Glade fragrances, allow museum-goers to experience how the sense of smell, in partnership with the other four senses, create the emotions we feel. Temperature will change, wind will blow and disappear and subtle fragrances will punctuate and heighten the experience. Each zone will feature a different scent and emotion including:

* Feel Optimistic: The first zone, inspired by Glade Radiant Berries fragrance, will feature layers of reflective and sheer curtains that guide guests to the centre of the room. Using a reflective pass card, each guest will be able to activate sensors that trigger ambient audio and light as they go through the space.

* Feel Joyful: Visitors will explore a virtual forest inspired by the Glade Balsam & Fir Limited Edition Winter Collection fragrance. With mirrored and reflective surfaces on the floor and walls, the forest will appear infinite from above and below. Scented lanterns will react to light making for a magical, fragrant moment.

* Feel Invigorated: As visitors move into the Invigorated space, inspired by the Glade Blue Odyssey scent, they will be surrounded and tracked by a halo of colour and motion that can be experienced in 3-D. The halo will react to their motions and speed as they move about the room and lead them to the scent beacons in the space, causing their halos to react.

* Feel Exhilarated: Enter a virtual kaleidoscope in the Exhilarated space, where visitors can control the floral images that are displayed throughout the station, and be rewarded with the scent of Blooming Peony & Cherry.

* Feel Calm: Upon entering the Calm exhibit, inspired by the Glade Lavender & Vanilla fragrance, visitors will be walking among the clouds. Every three minutes a new cloud will be created while ambient lighting and sound complement the calming feeling.

To support the Museum, Glade collaborated with Twitter to generate the world's first ever 'MoodLens', profile picture that will change based on feelings. When users visit the Retail Lounge at the Museum they have the opportunity to create the 'MoodLens,' an emotionally generated selfie that changes to reflect feeling.
Additionally, the 'MoodLens' is accessible to those who can't attend the Museum of Feelings in person, as it is available for online users. Simply visit the website and follow the step-by-step instructions to make your emotions part of your profile:

T: 262-260-2440
E: [email protected]
W: www.glade.com / www.scjohnson.com

26th November 2015

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