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Polished to perfection

* sebo-dart.jpgFor super-shiny floors, it's hard to beat the latest Ultra High Speed polishers using diamond pad technology, but it's important to select the right model for the job in hand. SEBO's commercial sales manager, Derek Smith, unveils the key to achieving polishing perfection...

"There's no question that today's UHS (Ultra High Speed) floor polishers, in combination with diamond pads, produce high-shine surfaces with minimal effort. Quite literally wiping the floor of 'old school' mop and bucket cleaning, UHS Floor Polishers are revolutionising the floorcare industry, cutting labour costs and producing excellent results.

Traditionally hard floors, such as wood, marble, granite or vinyl, could be cleaned via two routes - the simple mop and bucket, which will clean but not shine. Or, a cumbersome and unwieldy rotary polisher that will shine, but which requires the floor to be cleaned in advance and chemical polish to be applied. Fortunately, the latest UHS Floor Polishers vacuum and polish hard floors in one compact unit that's easy to manoeuvre and won't break the bank.
As with most things in life, before rushing out to invest in one of these all-singing, all-dancing machines, it pays to do a little homework in advance.
Firstly, consider the floor area to be polished. In a large shopping mall, a ride-on model with its own power source is the best option. High capacity halls, such as sports halls and major auditoriums, also require a fairly substantial walk-behind model with a minimum polishing disk width of 45cm. All other spaces - hotel receptions, shops, offices, nursing homes, schools, hospitals and domestic residences - are perfectly suited to a compact UHS Polisher, which can cope with awkward spaces and narrow corridors.

The second point to consider is ease of use. It is impossible for a heavy machine to be supported only by the polishing pad. Many UHS Polishers use an adjustable jockey wheel or similar, which takes the weight off the polishing pad, however this is often compromises manoeuvrability. When using these machines with diamond pads water has to be applied to the floor to reduce friction and control dust which can not only cause a health and safety hazard but also needs to be removed.

Investing in a model that will vacuum as it goes and does not require water is highly recommended as it saves on labour costs, literally halving cleaning time. Two-in-one models, such as Sebo's Dart UHS Polisher, which combines vacuum and polisher in one compact unit, will offer the versatility to cater for any small-to-medium floor area that heavy machinery cannot accommodate.

Operating without water means that health & safety considerations are eliminated, so areas to be cleaned do not have to be sealed off for extended periods. As the vacuum is attached to the polisher head via a simple one-button push and slide action, the cleaner can be used independently from the polisher - great for those with both carpet and hard floors.

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5th November 2015

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