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Sink or swim for industrial equipment: pH neutral rust remover saves equipment otherwise written-off

* NC23-X-Rust.jpgNCH Europe has this week launched X-Rust 7, a powerful pH neutral rust removal solution. Designed for the immersion of steel based plant and machinery equipment, X-Rust 7 eliminates even the most severe rust in 24 hours.

The solution is pH neutral, dilutes 1:10, is effective at room temperature and leaves a temporary protective coating after application.

An inconspicuous killer, rust costs the global economy $2.2 trillion every year. Accounting for around 3.5 - 4.5% of gross domestic product, rust is responsible for reducing the lifespan of steel structures, bridges, vehicles, industrial machinery, tools and parts. Disposing of and replacing equipment results in costly downtime and high operating costs.

Amidst tightening legislation, many engineers, facilities managers and business leaders are under pressure to perform structural inspections to reduce hazardous working conditions, which compromise user safety.

"We've developed X-Rust 7 with four key values in mind," explains Peter Crossen, VP of NCH Europe's Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform. "X-Rust 7 is pH neutral, dilutes 1:10 with water, works at room temperature and leaves a temporary protective coating after application.

"Most existing de-rusters are acid based, corrosive and etch. Being pH neutral means that X-Rust 7 does not harm brass, copper, aluminium, titanium, solder, vinyl, plastic, rubber, wood or glass, in fact it brightens many metals".

The highly concentrated formula dilutes 1:10 with water and 4 x 5 litre cases provide the equivalent of 200 litres of conventional product once diluted. Less protective PPE clothing is required to handle and store X-Rust 7 and unlike many acid-based products, energy isn't wasted in heating tanks.

After treatment, X-Rust 7 leaves a temporary protective coating, which prevents flash rusting and buys the user enough time to apply a rust prevention product, such as NCH Europe's Resist X Extra or HyZinc Extra.

X-Rust 7 is targeted at those industries most affected by rust including construction, manufacturing, petrochemical, pulp and paper as well as rail, automotive and aerospace.

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