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Welcome to the first issue of Cleanzine, following our Summer break. I hope that if you’ve joined those of us who take a holiday over the month of August, you’ve had a good one – and also that you’ve enjoyed some drier weather than we have in our neck of the woods!

I’ve produced this issue while attending a huge electronics fair in Berlin and of course it’s reminded me that CMS Berlin is just a few weeks away.

One of the subjects I’ve discussed while at the many cleaning shows I’ve attended over the years is the fact that the shows are set up in halls which are initially clean and that those demonstrating their equipment are doing so on already clean carpets and floors, (which get cleaner as the shows – and the cleaning – progress) which kind of defeats the object of the demonstration. OK you can show a machine’s manoeuvrability and ease of use but you can’t really convince onlookers of how efficient it is, can you?

Of course some exhibitors will cleverly smear the area to be cleaned with some sort of dirt or muck but the result is never quite as convincing as real, ground-in dirt, or chewing gum that’s so old and so walked over that it appears to have become part of the pavement or flooring itself, is it?

If you’re a manufacturer of chewing gum removal or other street cleaning equipment and are planning to exhibit at CMS I have a tip for you… the area around the airport – within the airport itself but outside of the main buildings – like so many other public places around the world, is covered in old gum and looks very grimy. If it were me, I’d be talking to the airport authorities and arranging to demonstrate my equipment, cleaning the exterior areas of the airport itself. That way the airport will be made clean and discourage other selfish facility users from trashing the place, and you will have demonstrated that your products and equipment can really do the trick when it comes to removing tough stains, gum and ground-in dirt.

And if you’re exhibiting at the show and would like to tell our 100,000-plus readers around the world why they should be considering you as a supplier, do please send in your press releases and pictures as soon as you can.

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Jan Hobbs

3rd September 2015

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