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How a water-based residual surface modification technology could help protect the workplace

* Goldshieldinfographic.jpgGoldshield Technologies has developed a surface modification technology that is capable of leaving a mono molecular antimicrobial layer on any surface once dry.

The product can be applied like any other liquid sanitiser to a surface, and not only will it kill microorganisms on contact, it will continue to provide protection for up to 14 days.

The technology was originally used for protecting textiles but more recently has been developed for surface application. The technology is based around a silicon polymer that is able to bind covalently with a surface, making it very difficult to remove. Permanently attached to the polymer is a quaternary ammonium antimicrobial molecule that causes chemical and physical damage to microorganisms, leading to lysis/destruction of the organism. Because the polymer is attached to the surface, leaching of the molecule is almost non-existent.

The surface is modified at the mono-molecular level so that any microorganisms coming into contact with the treated surface will be killed. Testing has shown that the layer is capable of defending a surface for days. This is not to say that cleaning is not required, but that, even when the surface is cleaned with conventional detergents, the layer remains attached and active. Cleaning remains very important to ensure the removal of soils that may overlay the modified surface.

Goldshield can be applied to any surface easily by manual application or even misting (fogging) and is therefore not limited, when used in a laundry application, to being designed into the fabric being treated.

"The technology can be applied to many business sectors to protect surfaces from contamination," says the manufacturer. "It is well documented that surfaces are rapidly re-contaminated after cleaning and disinfection from both people shedding microorganisms touching the surfaces and also from the air. These microorganisms could be harmful and are therefore a source of cross-infection.

"There are many news reports of antibiotic resistant bacteria especially in the hospital environment and viruses such as Norovirus that can lead to absenteeism and compensation cases, which has a negative impact on business and more recently in the press MERS, which has now entered the UK.

"The Goldshield residual technology provides an easy solution to protecting the hospital and business environment by reducing its potential to become a source if infection."

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13th August 2015

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