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Cleaning doesn't generally make it into the mainstream news but this week the 'nationals' have carried two major cleaning stories - the post-Glastonbury music festival clean-up and the investigation conducted by US news programme 'The Today Show', which drew attention to the 'nasties' to which we're exposed whilst flying and in the airports themselves.

More from Glastonbury in a couple of weeks when I've had a chance to catch up with my friend and Project Earth Rock founder Jess Gold, whose sustainability and recycling videos received more airplay on all Glastonbury's main stages, than any other video. Project Earth Rock is an initiative designed to teach (mainly) our young people about sustainability and is not unlike the David Bellamy Awards initiative run by the British Institute of Cleaning Science about 15 -20 years ago - although it's more interactive and with lots of singing. Jess volunteered at Glastonbury as an 'environmental auditor'; a role which, I believe, probably involved a lot of waste sorting and recycling. Jess will be talking to me about her experiences and what she learned there about our attitudes to waste and recycling.

The Today Show team uncovered something that has fired the various news editors' imaginations: badly ingrained dirt just about everywhere and even traces of excrement in places. It's not news to most of us in the cleaning industry though and John and I often moan at having to put our jackets, carry-on bags, passports etc into those plastic trays which have previously held other people's outdoor shoes, which can have just about anything on the soles! Nor are we happy about walking bare-footed through the security checks, where others - possibly with filthy feet and perhaps the odd verruca or gaping sore - have trodden previously.

And knowing how quickly the aircraft have to be airborne once more, how on earth can they be deep cleaned/sanitised every time? It's impossible! The report is useful though in as much as it will draw the attention of the wider public to the germs that can be lurking on such items as the security trays, seat belts and fold-down food trays that most of us touch without thinking. Cue lots of sales of disposable sanitising wipes and hand gels...




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3rd July 2014

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