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We have Mail: plastic bags

A reader in Dublin responds to the editor's comment that the soon-to-be-introduced levy on disposable plastic bags is good news for England...

Hi Jan,

I strongly agree with your opening article in last week's Cleanzine. This is certainly to be welcomed, but I wonder if the levy is set too low in England.

When it was introduced here in 2002 the levy (known as the bag tax here) was 15 cents and it has been increased to 22 cents now. At first it seemed like a major issue for consumers but all it requires is a little adjustment so that you have your reusable bags in the boot of the car or in your pocket for a small shop.

That is why I question if the level is set too low. Will there be as much incentive to quickly move to reusable bags?

I also question that it is not being extended to all shops which is what was done here. It is not a problem for the corner shop to add another 5p to the bill if the customer wants a plastic bag.

I hope it works - and only time will tell!

Best regards,
Ciaran Gillen, BioFuture

12th June 2014

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