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Vectair’s vibe - a fresh approach

* Vectair2.jpgWe knew the Vibe - the much talked about aircare dispenser from Vectair Systems, would redefine the world of aircare but we’d never had much opportunity to talk to the team and find out exactly how the technology works and what its benefits are.

We were very impressed once we’d learned more about it!

Paul Wonnacot explained that the patented piezo technology that goes into Vibe creates a far more efficient, more environmentally friendly and less expensive air treatment system compared to conventional aerosols.

“Using the latest technology, we wanted to design an aircare system that did not saturate a space with heavy concentrations of scent and environmentally unfriendly volatile organic compounds, yet was highly effective. Piezo technology makes this possible,” he said.

The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure. It comes from the Greek word ‘piezo’ meaning to squeeze or press, and ‘electric’ which refers to electric charge. Piezoelectricity was discovered in France in 1880.

In simple terms, piezo technology is where mechanical pressure is generated by piezo elements that change shape as electrical signals are passed through them. In an aircare dispenser, this mechanical piezo pressure is used to propel fragrance particles out of the dispenser and into the atmosphere.

In more scientific terms, the technology used in Vibe is the process of atomising (finely dispersing) fluid through a micro perforated piezoelectric membrane oscillating at high resonant frequency. You can find piezoelectricity in the production of ultrasonic sound waves.

“Vibe consists of a dispenser and refill cartridge,” continued Paul. “Vibe is highly effective at ultra low concentrations with much lower VOCs than current aerosols. Molecules are produced at low pressure with no heat and no propellants; just fragrance, so the fragrance compound remains unaltered.

“The piezo technology allows for consistent fragrance from start to finish. Unlike heavier aerosol droplets which fall within minutes, the piezo micro particles are much smaller and lighter. Remaining airborne for many hours, the micro particles blend uniformly throughout an interior space without leaving surface deposits.

“Piezo micro particles have properties much like the aromas emitted from cooking or from a lit candle. They tend to float around much larger objects and do not stay in the lungs. The olfactory sensors detect them easily and they remain airborne for a period long after the origination source has stopped. This will however depend on the amount of airflow or air changes in the given volume.

“With new technologies constantly emerging and evidence that the world is living unsustainably, distributors are now demanding strong environmental credentials of their manufacturers. Customers want to identify products that are healthier and greener.

“As an innovator in hygiene, we have a responsibility to look for new ways to serve our customers’ needs. “Piezo technology is Vectair Systems' newest and most exciting way of doing just that.

“Vibe has a lower cost in use than comparable fragrance systems; not only saving you money on the actual product, but also on shipping, storage and inventory.

“One Vibe cartridge can replace up to three high volume metered aerosol cans or up to six passive fragrance refills. One Vibe unit covers up to 18,000 ft3 and can last up to 90 days.

To get this same effect, you would need three aerosol units each covering 6,000 ft3.

“Fragrance molecules are produced at low pressure with no heat. Further, all packaging is recyclable.”

As we left the stand, there was another, almost imperceptible emission from the Vibe… offering almost silent, continuous operation, so you don’t even know it’s there, unless you’re looking for it...

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