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Clever little system from DAS Environmental Expert GmbH facilitates significant increase in energy efficiency and operational safety

* DAS_EE_Heat_Exchanger.jpgMany companies need hot water in their production processes. An innovative system from Dresden (Germany) based DAS Environmental Expert GmbH now facilitates heat transfer from wastewater to process water. This helps to optimise the temperatures in the water flows, which significantly increases efficiency with regard to both energy usage and wastewater treatment.

Schumacher Packaging GmbH gained experience with this type of heat exchanger in its plant in Schwarzenberg. The owner-run, medium-sized company specialises in tailored packaging solutions using corrugated and solid board. Its cardboard production process involves processing waste paper and a large amount of water is needed for this process. In Winter, the water is relatively cold when it arrives with temperatures of around five degrees Celsius. It is pre-cleaned and previously had to be heated using steam or other external heat sources.

Schumacher has now increased the capacity of the paper machine. This also resulted in an increase in the process temperature to up to 55 degrees Celsius, which is much too high for the biological wastewater treatment to follow. The microorganisms die if the water is too hot. The result: "The sewage treatment plant would no longer work at these temperatures", explains The company's Bernd Dzedzig. "To prevent damage to the river, an official upper temperature limit of 30 degrees Celsius is also in place for discharging wastewater.

The heat exchanger from DAS Environmental Expert GmbH uses double-wall plates (thermal plates), which are kept clean at all times with a simple cleaning system."


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