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Stephen Ashkin says: This Earth Day it's time to party!

* Earth-Day.jpgEarth Day, which this year falls on Tuesday, April 22, is certainly a time to focus on the health of our planet - all the more serious this year with the release of the United Nations Climate Change 2014 report. Even with such a sobering report though, it can also be a time to enjoy the day, argues Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group.

"Industry leaders can find ways to turn the day into a party to help remember Earth Day 2014 as well as appreciate and protect our fragile planet," he says. "The best leaders exemplify and embody the right attitude, commitment, effort, and knowledge. They develop strategies and plans and are often out front, blazing the trail to make it easier for others to follow."

Because of this, Ashkin encourages leaders to celebrate Earth Day by doing something fun, interesting, and educational with their family, friends and work colleagues in honour of the day.

Accordingly, he suggests the following party strategy:

Food: Consider asking your guests to bring a dish made of locally grown or produced meats, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables - and, yes, even locally produced juices, sodas, beers, and wines.

Activity: Show a short video. "One of my favourites is on YouTube from my friend Jason Clay, who runs World Wildlife Fund's food programme," he says. "Others include videos from Ray Anderson, the founder of Interface, and Annie Leonard's 'Story of Stuff' or 'Story of Change'. Each are less than 20 minutes, interesting, and enjoyable to watch."

Attire: Break out your old tie-dyed, flowered, Hawaiian, or hemp shirt. "Everyone needs at least one hemp shirt!" argues Stephen. "Let your guests know that there will be prizes for the best 'Green' outfit."

Entertainment: "I live in a college town, and it is amazing how easy and inexpensive it is to hire local performers to entertain at a party who are thrilled to have the chance to perform," he suggests.

"The bottom line... Have fun, take lots of pictures, and make Earth Day 2014 the most memorable Earth Day ever."

If you would like to submit Your Earth Day Party Images to The Ashkin Group Facebook Site, please do so at:

Stephen Ashkin is president of The Ashkin Group, a consulting firm specialising in Greening the cleaning industry, and CEO of Sustainability Dashboard Tools, which offers a cloud-based dashboard that allows organisations to measure, report and improve their sustainability efforts. He is also Co-author of both 'The Business of Green Cleaning' and 'Green Cleaning for Dummies.'

He has worked in the cleaning industry since 1981 and has held senior management positions in leading consumer and commercial product companies. He began his work on Green Cleaning in 1990.

17th April 2014

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