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I write this in an odd-looking light. In the UK (well certainly the parts I frequent, anyway) we rarely have really visible air pollution but over the past couple of days there has been a dull pinkish tinge to the sky. I understand it’s something to do with sand having been blown in from the Sahara combined with low pressure and warm temperatures and was excited – as an early riser - to see what the weather forecasters had heralded as a beautiful sunrise. It wasn’t… the pollution put the kybosh on that.

Off course, once again, this is good news for the cleaning industry as the news bulletins are full of people complaining about the ‘pink dust’ all over their cars and buildings. These cars and buildings will need to be brought back up to scratch so service providers with savvy marketing people will, no doubt, be taking full advantage…

Across the other side of the world in Singapore, cleaning businesses are gearing up to get themselves licensed to comply with new legislation. Singapore has long been known in the Western world to have very high standards of cleaning and the new legislation will see compulsory employment contracts, training and a progressive wage plan to ensure that cleaners receive wages which are commensurate with their skills, training and productivity and that standards, as a result, become even better. Apparently an estimated 55,000 resident cleaners will benefit from the scheme.

Am I the only one wishing we could follow suit?

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Jan Hobbs

3rd April 2014

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