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We often complain about the standards of cleaning in our nation’s hotels and guesthouses, but having seen the images being beamed around the world of the conditions in various hotels in Sochi – host to the Winter Olympics this month – I for one am feeling happier about the impression we give visitors to this land!

* Tweet_142.jpgPerhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that our collective horror centres on how uncomfortable conditions may be for some of the Sochi hotel guests, but I’m wondering whether anyone apart from me has given a thought to the cleaners and those that have to handle the waste further down the line?

For while it’s bad enough for hotel guests to be instructed not to attempt to flush used toilet tissue but to put it into the bin instead, the very idea of having to empty those bins and perhaps deal with the contents at the local municipal tip (if there is one) or wherever it ends up, just doesn’t bear thinking about! Reading comments on the online forums, I can see that the need to bin used toilet tissue is not uncommon in some parts of the world that I’d not consider to be ‘third world’, but I’m fairly well travelled (including to the old ‘Eastern bloc’ countries) and it’s not something I’ve ever come across…

Perhaps not as stomach churning is this image (taken by Matt Gutman at ABC and distributed via Twitter) of a cleaner having to make do with a piece of cardboard in place of a dustpan, using a brush that is not designed for purpose and which can only make both her back and her arm ache terribly. How sad that this difficult job is being made harder through what may be lack of funding, or perhaps ignorance, or perhaps lack of care and concern for the cleaner’s lot…

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Jan Hobbs

6th February 2014

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