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What businesses need to know in 2014

PG-business2.jpgWe're almost at the end of the first month of 2014 but it's not too late to make a new start... It's still the perfect time of year for us all to take a fresh look at our businesses and identify the changes we can make to win big in 2014. To help us identify those critical New Year resolutions, P&G Professional, the out of home division of Procter & Gamble, has revealed the need-to-know trends of 2014 to ensure that business owners are not left behind.

Commenting on these 2014 trends, Jayne Clark, Sales Director, UK & Ireland at P&G Professional says: "There is no better time for businesses to undertake a total review of their operations than now and P&G Professional is delighted to be on hand to offer help and advice to busy professionals".

"2014 will be a defining year for so many reasons and the good news is there are many cost effective ways operators can enhance their businesses without having to raid the bottom line. Getting something as simple but essential as overall cleaning and disinfection processes right could help operators win big."

2014's Top Trends...

Millennials are driving up guest expectations:

In 2014, expect to see lots of 'Gen Y' travellers come through the door. However be warned, these multi-generational travellers are looking for unique, novel experiences and will command change within the marketplace.

TOP TIP: Get the basics right and make sure your cleaning standards leave no room for criticism.

A European survey commissioned by P&G Professional in November 2013 revealed that over 40% of guests, irrespective of how clean they think an establishment is, will still take the time to wipe their cutlery and crockery before they begin eating! P&G Professional has also launched free industry expert guides for restaurants, hotels and care homes full of advice on how to provide a great guest experience.

'WOW' Customer Service will be the norm:

A basic level of service will no longer fly in 2014 so be warned! Greater competition on the High Street, a flood of online deals and tighter spending means guests will be pickier about their out-of-home spending - it will definitely be a buyer's market.

TOP TIP: Think about the 360 guest experience and not just the act of providing a meal or a bed for the night. You can really win big with guests if you tackle all sensory aspects of your business, especially in bathrooms. P&G Professional's European survey revealed that 94% of people expect bathrooms to be disinfected - so make it part of your daily routine.

The war for talent will be ignited:

According to a report from the Foodservice Society Consultants International, skills shortages will be one of the biggest challenges the industry will face in 2014. This is also predicted to intensify in years to come as the industry is expected to get busier as lifestyles evolve and people eat out more.

TOP TIP: Invest in your staff in 2014 - they can be your greatest guest ambassadors. Tap into free tools like P&G Professional's online Academy ( to download training videos and crash courses to show your employees you're investing in their career progression.

Sustainability is the new standard:

Interest in sustainability is not a passing fashion; it is here to stay and integral to the customer mind set. A survey of 1,300 travellers in 2013 by review website, TripAdvisor, revealed that 62% 'often' or always' consider the environment when choosing where to stay, how to travel or where to eat.

TOP TIP: Take a holistic approach towards sustainability and then proactively communicate it. Analyse and avoid rework. First time cleaning is essential to minimise waste, particularly in energy-intensive operations such as machine dishwashing. Getting the job done first time with high quality cleaning products from P&G Professional will pay great dividends for your business.

Rankings mean serious business:

Never before has a user-generated online rating meant as much as it does now. 2014 will see the proliferation of digital referrals, and the power of what's posted on the web can drastically impact on revenue.

TOP TIP: Take control of your online reputation and don't give guests an easy reason to damage it. A recent Pan-European survey commissioned by P&G Professional highlighted that 93% of customers think it is imperative that operators carry out disinfecting cleaning every day. Falling below these standards can lead to swathes of bad comments.

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30th January 2014

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