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In this week’s issue we’re carrying a story about how WaterAid is stepping up its advocacy on behalf of the estimated 2.5 billion people across the globe that don’t have a toilet. It’s when we think about statements like that – two fifths of the world’s population having to get by without a toilet – that we realise just how lucky we are in the developed world.

But while the vast majority of us in the UK have toilets in our homes and workplaces, the number of facilities available for us to use outside these havens, is dwindling rapidly. If it continues the way it is for much longer, many of us will one day become confined to our homes, afraid to be ‘caught short’ away from home and perhaps miles away from a decent washroom.

Fighting hard to bring attention to the need to keep the nation’s washrooms open, clean and well-stocked, are Mike Bone of the Loo of the Year Awards and the team from the British Toilet Association.

Mike has just announced that the 2014 Loo of the Year Awards Event will take place on Friday 5th December at St John’s Hotel, Solihull. If you want to be there – either as a potential Award winner or as someone who has an interest in joining the fight to be able to do what comes naturally, do get in touch with Mike Bone without delay.

And if as a washroom hardware or disposables supplier – or as a service provider - you’d like your name in lights, I know Mike and the team are keen to attract some more sponsors. To find out how to become involved, E: mike@loo.co.uk | W: www.loo.co.uk

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Jan Hobbs

16th January 2014

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