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New research released from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, reveals that 36% of line managers have not received any training for their role and that time for effective line management is too often squeezed or lost in favour of more immediate task-orientated priorities. And with 24% of managers facing situations where they often have to put the interests of their organisation above the interests of their team members, important relationships - which could otherwise drive high performance working - are damaged.

The survey, ‘Real-life leaders: closing the knowledge-doing gap’ reveals that efforts to foster positive manager behaviours are being undermined by the lack of a consistent message of what organisations expect of managers. The research also found that 48% of companies promoted individuals into managerial roles based on their performance record rather than people management or leadership skills and that 28% have not taken any action when they have received poor feedback on line managers!

“We hear organisations lament the lack and quality of leaders, but we aren’t seeing evidence of their commitment to drive good leadership and management practices,” reports Ksenia Zheltoukhova, Research Associate at CIPD. “Businesses address issues such as poor customer service or faulty machinery straightaway, whereas bad management across organisations is tolerated to a shocking degree.”

My first thought on reading the report was that if more attention were to be paid to training line managers in the first place, a lot less time and money would need to be spent on staffing and training customer service departments. Imagine the goodwill consumers would feel if an operation ran so slickly (because everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing and when) that they were able to quickly speak to a human when calling the organisation, rather than having to go through one of those exasperating menus and being subjected to lengthy waits while listening to music on a loop!

It all seems so simple to me…

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Jan Hobbs

17th October 2013

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