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Fleet management made easy!

Hako-orange-key.jpgHako-Fleet-Management-Solutions offers fleet managers an easy method of accessing detailed data of all machines in their fleet at any given time. A wide range of information and individual machine data is available in real time via a secure Internet connection - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hako automatically saves and updates any such data, sparing the user the time-consuming work of maintaining an in-house database. Fleet managers need to keep on top of plenty of data in order to have their machinery ready for use at any given time.

- What is the current location of a certain machine?
- When is the next technical service due?
- Have any problems occured?
- When does the financing scheme expire? 

If the fleet consists of a large number of cleaning machines or vehicles for ground maintenance and city cleaning - especially when the machines are assigned to various different job sites. However, this can be a very time-consuming task. 

The individual components of Hako-Fleet-Management-Solutions, though, make efficient management of a comprehensive fleet of machines easy: Hako-Fleet-Recorder: Fleet management with user identification Hako-Fleet-Recorder supports fleet managers in planning, analysing and maintaining their machines. The operating data is recorded and transferred to Hako's web portal, where it is graphically processed to provide a quick and up-to-date overview of the condition and employment status of the fleet via web browser on your PC or Smartphone - at any time and place. A targeted analysis of such data helps to optimise machine employment and offers service providers a complete documentation of the working hours, also serving as a performance record for clients.  

Hako-machine-management.jpgTargeted data analysis and optimised machine employment Hako-Fleet-Recorder registers different users and their individual legitimacy by means of a personal, electronic key. The system automatically records the operating hours as well as the current status of the machine along with various other machine data, enabling the fleet manager to analyse information such as which user has operated the machine and when, what kind of tools have been used, where the machine is currently located via GPS. 

* Hako-show-promo.jpgThe system sends out text messages or e-mails when the machine has not been connected to the charging station, thus ensuring continuous machine availability. Automatically sent error codes help to analyse and fix potential malfunctions or to plan maintenance work if required. In many cases - due to the user identification accompanied by a more sensible use of the machines and the prevention of unauthorised use , introducing the Hako-Fleet-Recorder results in reduced repair costs and significantly less downtime. 

QR code for further information and direct access to the web portal 

Hako machines will be labelled with a QR code shortly, enabling the user or any prospective customer to access a menu containing additional information about the 'scanned' machine directly via Smartphone or tablet PC. Supporting documents include brochures, operating manuals, product and application videos and much more...

Registered Hako-Fleet-Management-Solutions users can log in directly to access detailed information about the fleet of machines they employ. They can also use this application to place a specific service order if required. Hako-Fleet-Report: Detailed machine dataAll the data of machines known to Hako, including third-party products, is compiled in the Hako-Fleet-Report.  

In addition to the machine data, any respective contractual, service and location history data is available at all times. Any such data is continually updated by Hako - e.g. when a Hako technician has completed maintenance on a machine, the work carried out and the parts replaced are automatically registered in the portal. Building up your own fleet management database is no longer necessary. 

After the user has logged into Hako-Fleet-Report, all machines are displayed on a list on the start page. The machine to be analysed can be easily found and selected by entering specific search words. A mouse click on the respective line opens further details regarding the selected machine, such as purchasing or rental prices, machine equipment or information about maintenance intervals or service inspections carried out. The portal is very easy to use, special training is not necessary. The kind of data displayed can be configured individually for each employee, depending, for example, on local or individual responsibilities. Hako-Fleet-Report conveniently enables fleet managers to order service calls 'at the push of a button'.  

All data regarding the machine, priority and the type of service required - including additional information such as the name of the contact person on site, is transmitted online, resulting in reduced response time and minimising queries. If, in addition, the fleet manager has a maintenance or full-service agreement for his or her machines, he or she is fully freed from all the trouble of worrying about the machines in the fleet, since Hako's Full-Service agreement, for example, guarantees maximum machine availability at a fixed monthly rate, making maintenance costs a calculable expenditure. The Hako Full-Service option covers all regular, operating hour related maintenance work, wearing parts and additional expenses such as call-out fees and mileage as well as mandatory safety inspections. The Hako-Fleet-Report also displays the dates of each individual job of maintenance work carried out and how long a contract is still valid. 

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26th September 2013

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