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- Sebo Stein & Co. GmbH

* Sebo-reps.jpgSebo Stein & Co. GmbH was the final winner in the Machinery category. In the words of Dietmar Mühr, the features of the Sebo Professional D8 dry vacuum cleaner that impressed the panel most were the rotating suction tube, infinitely variable output control and the IEC connector for simplified operation.

We were impressed with many of the machine's attributes too, such as the patented foam bumper which absorbs impact and protects the furniture and walls in the building being cleaned, from scratches and marks. This has holes all around it under the textile material, through which the air is exhausted. This action cleverly helps reduce noise.

Offering S-Class filtration for use around those with allergies and asthma and with a filter bag that has an impressive six litre capacity with a big opening and is easy to fit, this machine also has a motor protection filter that sits directly under the motor itself. This, too, plays a big part in reducing noise, allowing the machine to be used in quiet environments.

* Sebo-tool-storage.jpgThe vacuum cleaner has an energy-saving, 1,200W motor and is equipped with a practical stainless steel hose pipe system, the different components of which can be easily fitted into each other, allowing the hose to be extended by an additional 49.5 cm.

* Sebo-wand.jpgThe low profile of the head itself simplifies cleaning under low units etc and unlike lots of other vacuum cleaner heads doesn't tilt upwards when the hose is aligned to the floor, meaning it goes really low. Another useful feature is the ability for the 15.5m lead to be replaced quickly and easily without tools, via the simple plug-in IEC connector - saving time and costly repair bills. The tools are all cleverly stowed away in the machine's underbelly and parking is simple, either in upright or horizontal position.

"In collaboration with product designer Professor Achim Heine, a design was created that stands out: it is purposeful, and independent," said the company's Thomas Dietz and Sebastian Lohrmann, who ably demonstrated everything to us. "Two basic forms - a circle and a rectangle - are assembled together. The design draws on the classical engineering principle, to find the optimal form for the function. Optimsed air flow and a conical tube guarantee that the air is optimally managed in the unit."

Images: (top) Thomas Dietz and Sebastian Lohrmann (centre) it goes really low (bottom) innovative out of sight tool storage

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26th September 2013

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