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Demand increasing for non-chemical cleaning & sanitising

* ROX-water-electrolyser.jpgThere is a growing acceptance that 'traditional' chemical methods are no longer the only solution for effective cleaning and sanitising. The main reason has to be the detrimental impact of chemicals on the environmental - however, there are many other benefits from going chemical-free, not least of which is a dramatic cost saving.

Electrolysed water is now the most popular solution for green cleaning and sanitising in Japan (where the process for making it was perfected) and, latterly, in Australia and the US. Europe is now embracing the concept and interest in the UK has increased significantly.

According to Laurence Bailey FRSPH of EOwater, distributer for the Hoshizaki ROX electrolysed water system: "There is still some confusion over quite what electrolysed water is. The term is very general and encompasses a varied range of products. Some are meant for domestic or light use and some don't provide consistency, guaranteed efficiency or longevity."

The Hoshizaki ROX is intended as a complete replacement to chemical cleaning and sanitising (with the exception of one or two heavy duty degreasers) and, as such, provides absolute consistency and accuracy, regardless of incoming water quality and quantity drawn off. Its palladium-coated electrodes are guaranteed effective for the unit's life so there will be no variability in water quality and no intervention necessary by the operator.

ROX splits the electrolysed water into two, specific products - an alkaline stream and an acidic stream. Between them, they can replace virtually every chemical process (and outperform most) from food washing to worktop sanitising. Used either individually or in tandem, the two types of water can cover many cleaning application across a diverse span of industries.

Because it is made on site, on demand, it is always available and requires no storage. It is non-hazardous and causes no dermatological problems and is odour free. Also, it is completely environmentally friendly.

EOWater designs the optimum system for every site with as many user access points as required. Typically, a restaurant would have take-off points in the food prep areas, the main kitchen and entry points to kitchen for hand washing.

Outright purchase and various lease options are available and the cost of the water produces equates to around 2p per litre. EOwater will carry out a free of charge viability survey (to include cost saving potential) on request.

Key benefits of cleaning with electrolysed water:

* 100% environmentally friendly
* More effective than chemical cleaning
* Ready to use - no storage needed
* No waste - only draw off what is required
* No residues remain
* Effective for food sanitising (no flavour contamination)
* Extends useful life of food
* Multiple cleaning and sanitising functions
* Completely safe to humans and animals
* Effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi
* Cost saving

EOwater supplies a fully comprehensive 2-year guarantee (which includes the Hoshizaki's 1 year guarantee) and extended warranties are available on request.

T: 0800 977 5687

19th September 2013

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