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I find it both amusing and frustrating that our industry is so far ahead of the cosmetics and personal care industries when it comes to colour coding savvy.


Well I’m amused because many people think that we in this industry are the lowest of the low and that only the unintelligent are involved in cleaning. And I’m frustrated because not offering colour coding of some sort can create issues that we as consumers would prefer not to face.

For example, Wilkinson has launched the best ‘electric’ toothbrushes I’ve tried. They work well, replacing the batteries is easy and they don’t come in a bubble pack that can take an age to open with personal injury a likely outcome. One for each family member then… What colour do they come in? Blue! My daughter’s accompanied her home for a visit this week and her feeling that we may have accidentally swapped, made us both think, “Yuk!”

Body Shop do great ‘body towels’ (similar to flannels but much longer, to make those hard-to-reach areas easier to clean!) They used to come in an assortment of colours but recently they’ve only been available in beige. Furthermore, on questioning the manager at my local store, I was told that all the other washing materials will soon only come in that colour too! Watch the sales decline Body Shop – most of us do not want to share this type of product with our housemates; however much we love them!

And as any make-up wearer will tell you, very few of the manufacturers will colour code their eye pencils etc with a matching lid or even a sticker, forcing buyers and users to remove each lid in turn, while searching for the required colour.

Yes, it strikes me that our industry is actually quite a clever one and that we could teach some others a thing or two… 

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Jan Hobbs

12th September 2013

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