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UV-C disinfection redefined

* UV-C.jpgAware that highly resistant forms of bacteria can survive even the most thorough disinfection process, healthcare support services provider Crothall Healthcare, has announced its decision to provide the next big step in UV-C disinfection for its healthcare customers.

The company is working with Surfacide, which has created a three-emitter Helios UV-C disinfection system - an evidence-based solution that has been proven effective at controlling C.Diff, CRE, Acinetobacter, MRSA, and other drug-resistant micro organisms.

"Crothall's environmental services teams provide a thorough terminal cleaning of patient rooms and operating suites," says Rich Feczko, National Director of Systems, Standards, and Global Support. "We regularly test high-touch areas after cleaning to ensure the room is ready for a new patient. However, we also know that highly resistant forms of bacteria can survive or escape our 10-step disinfection process.

"For this reason, we have searched for a partner with the most advanced and groundbreaking technology to help us provide a complete disinfection solution. Partnering with Surfacide to provide its three-emitter Helios system assures our customers will be getting the most advanced UV technology and processes-and at preferred pricing."

"While existing UV technology has demonstrated a degree of effectiveness, the limitations of having only one emitter in the room have proven significant. Its inability to introduce effective energy levels to all areas of the patient environment resulted in treatment 'shadows'.

"To overcome this, hospitals often had to move the emitter and retreat spaces that could not be reached, tripling the time required before a new admission. Using a three-emitter system approach results in being closer to all surfaces in the room-with the majority of surfaces no more than two meters from one of the emitters. "Surfacide provides validation of total delivered energy via a proprietary laser mapping technology visible on a handheld tablet. The end result is more energy, delivered to every surface, in less time, with visual confirmation at your fingertips.

Gunner Lyslo, Surfacide founder and chief executive officer, adds: "Given Crothall's experience with UV disinfection and its reputation as a leading provider of environmental services, we view this strategic partnership as a great endorsement of the Surfacide Helios system.

"Together, we are providing a solution to healthcare facilities that empowers them with the most effective and cost-efficient UV-C disinfection system on the market."

Crothall is currently overseeing its first Surfacide Helios UV-C system placement at the Ohio State University Medical Center. Additional placements are currently being scheduled.

Crothall Healthcare provides specialised, high-quality, innovative, and responsive support services to the healthcare industry, using a framework of people, process, and performance. Its core services include: Environmental Services, Patient Transport, Laundry & Linen, Facilities Management, Clinical Equipment Solutions.

T: 610-576-5174

5th September 2013

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