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OxyPharm disinfection units now available through rental service

* Nocospray-blanc.jpgThe OxyPharm System, available through Healthcare cleaning specialist CK Group, is an effective whole area bio-disinfection solution for wards, operating theatres and intensive care rooms. Based upon vaporised hydrogen peroxide, OxyPharm quickly and effectively disinfects all surfaces, fabrics and fittings, along with the air within the room.

Taking just 3 minutes per 50m3, plus an additional 30 minutes contact time, using OxyPharm over traditional methods means that a room may be quickly returned to use with virtually no disruption.

In use the unit needs as little as 1ml of chemical per 1m3 of room space.

The big advantage of the rental service over purchase is that the initial outlay of thousands of Pounds is avoided, and the system is utilised only when needed.

OxyPharm works by changing the polarity of the bacterial membrane leading to their self-destruction. Because the disinfectant targets the irreversible change in membrane permeability, and not at the organism itself, there is no opportunity for the organism to build up a chemical resistance - of prime importance in the Healthcare sector.

The chemical is formulated from biodegradable ingredients that break down into simple molecules of water and oxygen, and, with very little active ingredient, there is absolutely no risk of damage to surfaces or equipment.

This thorough approach to Deep Cleaning ensures that all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores are completely destroyed within the area so treated.

OxyPharm is already in use with more than 130 healthcare establishments across France and Belgium and is distributed in the UK by Master Distributor Innotec Hygiene Solutions in partnership with CK Group.

For more information contact:

CK Group
Tel: 020 8659 6748
Fax: 020 8659 6780
Email: admin@ckgroupservices.com
Web: www.ckgroupservices.com

Innotec Hygiene Solutions
Tel: 07791 797955
Email: sales@innotechygienesolutions.com
Web: www.innotechygienesolutions.com

29th August 2013

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