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New 3M Graffiti Stain Removers are tough on graffiti and kind on cleaners

* 3M-Removing-the-graffiti.jpg3M has launched a new range of low-risk graffiti stain removers which protect cleaners and the environment without compromising on performance.

Specially formulated for use on brickwork and concrete, painted surfaces and plastic, the removers are effective on a wide range of graffiti substances including aerosol spray paint, permanent markers, lipstick, crayon and emulsion paint.

"Contract cleaners are under pressure to remove unsightly and offensive graffiti quickly and thoroughly," explains Richard Jones, 3M Market Manager for Floor & Surface Care, "but this forces them to make a constant trade off between performance and safety. Traditional chemical removers are corrosive and flammable and pose a serious risk to health, while greener alternatives are perceived as less effective.

"New 3M Graffiti Stain Removers are not only safe and simple to use; they clean harder and faster, for longer, whatever the substance or the surface."
3M Graffiti Stain Remover is available in two formulations: GR1500 for use on most plastic, painted or varnished surfaces, and GR3000 for brickwork and concrete. The solvent's liquid form allows for quick penetration and rapid breakdown of graffiti. Thanks to its high boiling point it also evaporates into the atmosphere more slowly, increasing efficiency, extending performance and reducing total costs.

GR1500 AND GR3000 both carry the signal word 'warning', unlike many other graffiti removers on the market that carry the signal word 'danger'. Neither product contains NEP (N-Ethyl-pyrrolidone) or NMP (N-Methyl -2-pyrrolidone), which are widely used within graffiti removers and can pose a significant health risk. 99.9% of components in GR1500 and greater than 90% in GR3000 are biodegradable by OECD 301, and both are REACH-compliant. They do not contain aromatic, aliphatic or chlorinated solvents.

3M Graffiti Stain Remover is available in half litre and five litre bottles. Simply apply to the graffiti and leave for a few seconds before agitating with a cloth or brush. For stubborn stains, reapply if necessary.

8th August 2013

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