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Yes it was a train carriage...

* train-graffiti.jpgEmmediemme had one of those 'stop you in your tracks' stands but this time it was in the literal sense as on display was part of a train carriage which served very well as a demonstration vehicle, as amongst other products, the company was showing graffiti removal systems and a hand aerosol that cleans and disinfects seating and which is designed for public transport systems.

John and I arrived in time as the team were cutting a birthday cake make to mark the company's birthday celebrations. A slice of cake was just what we needed to recharge our dying batteries and we were delighted to be invited to join them... but that's Italian hospitality for you!

Removing graffiti... not a great job but someone has to do it - and it does help if you have products such as these that make the work easier.

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30th May 2013

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