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Many of us will at some time or other have spoken about (or indeed come across someone who has first hand experience of) the dangers of mixing chemicals, but generally this has involved untrained cleaners mixing two or more cleaning chemicals to produce a better result than one of them produces on its own.

Indeed, long term readers of my musings may recall my incredulation over a conversation I had with a cleaner in the washrooms next to St Paul's Cathedral, who told me that despite finding it really difficult to breathe and on one occasion having passed out and been dragged unconscious from the washrooms, she still mixed bleach with the floor cleaning chemical she had been given to use, as it was, "the only way you can get the floors to come up like new"!

There is an art to cleaning properly and despite what those from outside the industry think, it's not something just anyone can do - it requires training. And while I'm a qualified cleaner, there are clearly gaps in my knowledge, as when I came across the story now headed up, 'Contents of vacuum cleaner left to fester over weekend cause explosive reaction!' (you can read it below) I realised that it wouldn't have occurred to me either, to empty the now defunct machine of its contents before going home for the weekend!

Any idiot can clean?

I don't think so...

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Jan Hobbs

11th April 2013

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