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It was like a late night visit to the supermarket...

* Showgirls.jpg...when someone announces over the tannoy that the roasted chickens have been reduced in price by 75%.

Everyone wants to buy one but no-one wants to be seen rushing across to the chicken counter in case they appear to be greedy or desperate. They appeared in one of the aisles and ever so slowly, people started edging towards them; before long the movement had become a rush and soon there was a wall of men holding their cameras aloft.

Our John Austen happens to be quite tall (or perhaps he was at the front) so he got a picture. I had no idea who the 'peacock girls' were or who had brought them along to the show. The consensus was, quite rightly, that they're a lot more attractive than the average floor cleaning machine (but probably not as easy to handle).

We did find out later that they were there on behalf of MIDAC batteries - no doubt charged with boosting flagging spirits on the final day by putting some electricity back on the floor!

28th March 2013

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