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* bird-go.jpgBird-B-Gone has unveiled its latest addition to the Bird Jolt Flat Track line of electric bird deterrents, Clear Track, which is available around the globe.

Effective for both small and large pest birds, the Bird Jolt Flat Track System does not harm birds but instead conditions them to avoid the area. The system is said to be the only electric track bird deterrent system in the US with multi-patented anti-arcing and glue trough designs and the number one specified electric track system by architects and government agencies.

Birds often choose to roost and nest in signs, building features, eaves and many other high-profile locations, creating health risks and causing property damage. Utilising the Clear Track Bird Jolt Flat Track system provides an aesthetically pleasing solution to bird control problems.

The design will deter any type of bird, from nearly any type of surface. It emits a slight shock when birds land upon its surface. The shock will not harm birds, but will train them to stay clear of its surface. The highest point of the Track is a mere 1/4" making it almost undetectable to the human eye.
Clear Track is a part of the original Bird Jolt Flat Track system and is completely flexible - making it an ideal product for any area - flat or curved. Made of clear, lightweight, transparent PVC, Clear Track blends in to any coloured surface, is easily installed and functions as a highly effective solution for deterring pest birds. Clear Track has the ability to be powered using solar or electric charge and is UV protected for durability.

Bird-B-Gone is said to be the world's largest manufacturer of professional grade bird deterrents. Founded in 1992, its products have helped solve pest bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings across the globe.

T: 800-392-6915
W: www.birdbgone.com

14th March 2013

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