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I’m sure we’re all aware of how frustrating it is and how much ill feeling is created when a washroom doesn’t have toilet tissue or soap. Unnecessary waste and the theft of disposables from public or workplace washrooms causes problems for users as well as those who have to pay for the products in the first place. Manufacturers produce lockable dispensers designed to prevent waste and make things difficult for thieves, but a story shared with me by a reader shows that in some cases this can be taken to another level entirely!

In what has been dubbed ‘Operation Klopapier’, Germany's police are said to have carried out an 18-month operation - complete with a surveillance camera and an assigned officer - to capture a suspected toilet tissue thief after cleaners reported that rolls were disappearing from their stocks. The investigation, which failed to identify the culprits, has been suspended.

I can’t help feeling that it would have been easier, less expensive and less intrusive to the washroom users, to ensure that spare rolls were stored in a lockable cupboard until needed – that way only those with a key could have been held responsible if anything went missing!

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Jan Hobbs

7th February 2013

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