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China air pollution hits record levels but relief may be close at hand - for some

Air Pollution is a major problem in China due to the country's rapid pace of industrialisation, reliance on coal power, growth in car ownership and disregard for environmental issues - and in some areas the related health problems are escalating. One of Beijing's worst rounds of air pollution recently kept school children indoors and sent coughing residents to hospitals. Reports Dr Huang Aiben, of Beijing;s Shijitan Hospital: "The Beijing Shijitan Hospital received 20% more patients than usual at its respiratory health department, most of them coughing and seeking treatment for bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

But this time something was different about the murky haze: the government's transparency in talking about it... It started publishing PM2.5 readings last year after public demands for more detailed air quality data. Hourly air quality updates are now available online for more than 70 cities.

Pure Global, specialist in indoor Environmental Quality and pioneer in the 'allergy friendly room' movement, is in the process of partnering with many 5 star hotels throughout China to help address the concerns of travellers worried that their trips to China will leave them sick and desperate for fresh air. President of Pure Global, Vinny Lobdell states: "The Pure Room addresses the entire environment, providing a holistic solution for environments that can be as small as a room or as large as a complete building."

The Air Cleaners used in the Pure process are claimed to be the only air cleaners that have been independently tested and proven to capture 100% of particulate down to .002 micron. Air cleaning is only part of the solution though; environmental assessment is a cornerstone in the success of Pure's patented seven step process. Comprehensive evaluation and cleaning of the air handling system, treatment of all surfaces in the room or environment and a shielding of surfaces are what creates the entire Pure solution.

Pure has been chosen as a brand standard by Hyatt hotels and hundreds of other hotels across the globe. "Pure has a ground support team in China that can quickly evaluate, assess, and address any indoor air or environmental quality issue," promises Vinny Lobdell. "The Pure offices in China currently provide consultancy and allergy friendly environments to some of the world's finest establishments, including office buildings, hospitals, and child care facilities."

Pure Global is committed to providing the healthiest, safest and most enjoyable indoor environments worldwide. With the global headquarters located in Pulaski, New York, Pure operates in over 20 countries and has installed Pure Rooms in some of the world's most prestigious and innovative hotels.

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E: info@pureroom.com
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17th January 2013

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