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New study finds degree of interest in E-Learning classes impacts on sales outcomes

A new study by Enviro-Solutions, a leading manufacturer of proven-green cleaning products based in Ontario, Canada, has found that distributor sales representatives (DSRs) most actively involved in the company's e-learning programme - referred to as passionate participants - see the greatest improvements in sales performance.

Enviro-Solutions' e-learning programme consists of more than 175 training modules broken into 75 courses in five key areas: product knowledge, procedures, selling skills, glossary of terms and marketing of green cleaning products.

The new study classified the DSRs taking the courses into three categories:

* Low or nil participants, who had little interest in the programmes
* Medium or passive participants, who showed moderate interest in the programmes
* High or passionate participants, who became very involved in the programmes

According to Mike Sawchuk, Vice President & General Manager of Enviro-Solutions, 'nil' participants quickly lost interest in the classes and typically did not complete them. 'Passive' participants showed more interest; however, they too lacked motivation and often did not finish classes.

But 'passionate' participants were, according to Mike: "exceedingly motivated to not only take the classes but . . . improve their knowledge and improve their sales."

Enviro-Solutions analysed the participants' sales performances, comparing outcomes over a 12-month period:

* Passionate participants saw sales increase by 45% during the evaluation period. Some DSRs had a staggering 275% increase during this time.
* Passive participants' sales rose approximately 22% during the evaluation period.
* Participants with a very low or nil interest in the programmes saw sales actually decline by 24%, some by as much as 27%.

"These results are similar to an e-learning analysis we did about three years ago," says Mike. "The bottom line in both studies was the same: the more distributors and DSRs take advantage of educational opportunities, such as the e-learning programme, the more it pays off in real results. This is because knowledge builds confidence, and confidence builds sales."

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9th August 2012

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