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Demystifying dehumidifiers

Independent provider of air treatment solutions, Meaco UK, offers a wide range of dehumidifiers and air purifiers to suit all budgets to tackle damp and damp related health problems. The company was founded in 1991, as a specialist supplier of environmental monitoring and control equipment for museums, archives and art galleries across Europe.

Having worked initially in the museum and heritage sector, the team at Meaco boasts a real understanding of the problems that companies and householders face and can provide simple and cost-effective solutions. As company founder Chris Michael comments: "All too often customers think that the damp problem must be caused by some complicated structural issue when in fact the problem is far different and the solution far cheaper."

Its wide experience resulted in Meaco being appointed as the UK distributor for Mitsubishi Electric at the end of the 1990's. The company retains the exclusive UK rights for Mitsubishi Electric, working as the company's main distributor in the country for dehumidifiers and also handling all sales and aftersales enquiries.

Building on this knowledge and experience, the Meaco team has now developed a range of own label domestic and light commercial dehumidifiers, which have been designed to alleviate damp issues in a variety of situations.

Designing and manufacturing to the high standards that the company's background demands has allowed Meaco to expand rapidly into other markets and to become a major player not just in the UK but also exporting to 18 countries across Europe and into South Africa, delivering solutions for a wide range of applications within the light commercial and domestic and sectors.

"We are island nation famed for our wet weather and it is therefore not a huge surprise that on average, the relative humidity for the UK, is above the mould growth point for 10 months of the year," says Chris. "Many homes suffer from damp problems and high humidity can result in:

- Higher heating bills (at a time when energy costs are soaring)
- Mould
- Condensation
- Deterioration of the building fabric and decoration
- Conflicts between tenants and landlords
- Health issues (for example asthma, arthritis)
- Increased numbers of dust mites
- Longer laundry drying times
- Damage to cherished posessions

"It is not just our wet climate that causes problems, we make matters worse through breathing, showering, drying washing indoors and even boiling vegetables in our homes, creating an atmosphere in which mould can thrive. The only way to remove this moisture and prevent mould appearing on cold spots and north facing exterior walls is to remove it from the air. You can do this by;

- Creating less moisture in the first place
- Heating the air (not practical in Summer and often not enough in Winter)
- Keeping windows open (a security issue for some and allows cold air in the winter and heated air out)
- Using a dehumidifier (can save money and make the house warmer)

"Using a dehumidifier can significantly improve the quality of life in your property; something that Meaco customers agree with... When surveyed, 91% of customers said that using their Meaco dehumidifier enhanced their quality of life.

The products manufactured by Meaco have also been recognised in independent tests with Meaco branded dehumidifiers winning Best on Test awards ahead of many of the more established brands.

Meaco dehumidifiers also clean the air, with many of the products being fitted with ionisers and silver-nano anti-bacteria filters to ensure that the air is clean as well as dry. Meaco is continuing to develop and add to the existing product range, with more products being launched later this year.

T: 01483 234900
W: www.meaco.com

26th July 2012

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