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A good name that sells

* Cleanwipes.jpgGreyland brand distributor Cleanwipes is a busy janitorial supplies business with bases in London and Brighton, and although it is a long established and well known name now, it's not the one it started with!

Nearly 25 years ago Brighton based Senator Cleaning owned by founder and sole director Peter Coles bought its supplier - Cleanwipes.

Senator Cleaning had a good name in Brighton then and continues to trade under that name to this day, but Cleanwipes as a janitorial supplier had great potential for growth, and so although both businesses moved forward independently, Cleanwipes was adopted as the main aspect of the business,

Peter Coles (who later gifted shares) still controls 60% of the company and having made a second purchase of another Quarter Century established business, Charter Services Ltd, (one of their customers, acquired through owners retirement), then added a third company into the mix, along with the premises, now likes to differentiate between their now two separate Mottingham, London premises by quoting the postcodes.

We mere mortals however, just need to know that when they receive an order - Cleanwipes deliver!

Supplying some 500 pubs, hotels, and restaurants, amongst other customers, the Mottingham premises serving South London, down to Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, while Brighton serves up to the famous spa town and along the East Sussex coast to Hastings; one of the busiest and most prosperous sectors of country in the UK. Great business if you can get it, but of course, pubs and restaurants do require a wide range of stock items - but limited space means limited quantities of any one thing.

Having witnessed Cleanwipes' Brighton premises stacked to the rafters with stock that seems to go out almost as soon as it comes in, they are as yet unable to expand into the neighbouring premises as they would like, but the fact that Greyland can fulfil a 4 day order to delivery cycle is surely a reassuring comfort to anyone who needs stock fast.

So why did they choose Greyland?

"They came recommended", is the simple answer.

Peter Coles explained that they were looking for a regular supplier that could take some of the strain. Greyland duly supplied some products - and Cleanwipes have never looked back since.

In fact, if you ask "what's in a name?" Peter will tell you that many of his customers actually ask for the Greyland branded products - they don't want anything else. "The product is a good one", he says.

For more information about Greyland products and how they can act as your warehouse, contact:

Greyland Tel: +44 (0) 161 476 3607 Fax: +44 (0) 161 476 3708
Email: sales@greyland.co.uk Web: www.greyland.co.uk

For more information about Cleanwipes, contact:

Cleanwipes London Tel: 0208 859 6231 Brighton Tel: 01273 686 970 www.cleanwipes.co.uk

14th June 2012

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