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Regular readers of Cleanzine will be well aware that I'm a strong supporter of fortnightly - rather than weekly - bin collections and that I've been an avid recycler since long before it became trendy. You'll also be aware that I've grumbled over the years that local authorities don't make things easy for us.

Tuesday morning was a case in point.

I went outside to collect my general rubbish bin (which had yet again been left in the middle of the pathway for passers-by to navigate around) and noticed a leaflet bound around the handle. On decent quality paper and in full colour, it outlined arrangements for collections during Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations next week. It also included recycling instructions, which I read, to ensure that I'm doing it right.

According to the leaflet, the box I've been using to recycle old newspapers for some years, now only takes white paper. I checked to see where newspapers should now go and they weren't mentioned at all. Concerned that my council had stopped collecting and recycling these items, I rang to find out. The woman in the waste & recycling department seemed as baffled as I was but after some consideration told me that when you tear a newspaper, it's white along the tear, which makes it white paper.



Jan Hobbs

31st May 2012

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