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I write this wearing fingerless gloves... my hands are really feeling the cold this week and frozen fingers don't type very accurately! And of course Southern England isn't suffering so badly in this cold snap that seems to have hit most of Northern and Central Europe this week. The winds are really howling around my office but at least it's not -25 degrees!

Figures recently released show that the majority of accidents caused this time of year are by drivers setting off before they've cleared their windscreens and mirrors properly.

That's not something I'm generally guilty of but I almost came a cropper this week when I drove off one evening with just a little wet on my windscreen, which didn't cause a problem on my driveway. Once I was on the main road , however, the other drivers' lights made it more difficult to see so I decided to clear it with my windscreen wipers.

Despite not having used the water spray (before the blonde jokes start!) I was suddenly faced with a completely iced-up windscreen, which was worrying for me but probably even more so for the driver following me! Be warned...

While you're out and about, do spare a thought for the local authority employees who are tasked with keeping our streets and roads safe in this weather. A cheery smile and a "Thanks for all your hard work" will not go amiss.


And or course there are the cleaners who have to make their way to work while the rest of us are still tucked up in our beds, who have to go into our offices etc at some unearthly hour when the heating has been off all night. Not an easy job at the best of times but one made more difficult in conditions such as these...

One of my friends sent me the cat in rad picture above and it actually makes me feel warmer. I hope - if you're feeling the cold today - it does the same for you!



Jan Hobbs

2nd February 2012

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