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Anyone who has a floor: new Floorcare product range leaflet from Greyland

* Greyland-Floor-Cleaner-lit.jpgA new 1/3rd A4 leaflet is now available from Greyland on its Floorcare product range. Designed as a handy standard-sized letter mailer for the traditional postal service, the aim for the leaflet is for Greyland distributors to target potential new customers. In short, anyone who has a floor.

Greyland believe in keeping things simple, so they address hard or soft floor surfaces with the shortest possible product range - just three products for Carpet care, Extraction, Dry Foam and Pre-Spotter, and only two for the Hard floor range - Neutral Scrubber Dryer Detergent, and Heavy Duty Scrubber Dryer detergent.

Because, let's face it, life's complicated enough.

This limited range will take care of most routine floor cleaning in carpeted environments and just about every industrial floor cleaning requirement, because it will either be light or heavy duty. Polished floor surfaces are rightly more complicated, due to the wide choice of finishes required and the stripping / polishing process.

So naturally there is a wider range to choose from including water-based emulsion floor sealer, High Solids and Extra High Solids polishes, Wet Look Maintainer, Pine Floor Gel for wood and linoleum floors and even a Rinse Free Floor Stripper.

This last product provides the ability to strip a floor polish without the aid of a machine. Ideal for stairs and small areas where a machine cannot go. A point to note is the extended shelf life that each and every one of these products has: a minimum of One Year, with the sole proviso that they are stored away from extremes of temperature.

And because Greyland deliver an order within 4 days, no need to worry about your own or your customers storage space, Greyland will get it to you on time, every time!

Tel: +44 (0) 161 343 3830
Fax: +44 (0) 161 343 0608
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.greyland.co.uk

11th June 2015

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