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Nyco launches OM1 Series: first I & I brand using Omnia high-performance solvent

* OM1-Series.jpgNyco Products Company has announced the introduction of its OM1 Series brand, said to be the first North American industrial and institutional cleaning brand formulated with new Eastman Omnia high-performance solvent.

OM1 Series products, powered by Omnia, are claimed to be 'greener' and safer alternatives to traditional cleaning products containing d-Limonene, monobutyl and other glycol ethers - yet they also deliver exceptional cleaning performance on a multitude of tough soils.

The OM1 Series is being launched with three ready-to-use formulations: Multi-Surface Cleaner, Power Degreaser and Bath & Restroom Cleaner.

"We're proud to be the first company to bring the exceptional cleaning power of Omnia-formulated products to our customers in the North American marketplace," says Nyco President and CEO, Bob Stahurski. "The efficacy of OM1 Series products is remarkable and yet the formulations are safer for people and the environment. You have to see the performance to really believe it."

Omnia is a low vapour pressure volatile organic compound (LVP-VOC) with an excellent toxicity profile. Readily biodegradable, non-hazardous and free from monobutyl and other glycol ethers, OM1 Series cleaners, powered by Omnia from Eastman, are designed and formulated to be safely responsible.

Carol Perkins, Industry Leader, Industrial and Household Care for Eastman, notes: "Safety was a top priority for us when evaluating Omnia.

"We wanted to offer a solvent with a benign human health and environmental impact without giving up performance. This is what a chemical formulator like Nyco would expect."

Omnia meets Design for the Environment's (DfE) criteria for a safer solvent and is listed with the highest rating on its Safer Chemical Ingredients List. It is also listed with no restrictions by GreenBlue on its CleanGredients database.

OM1 Series cleaners are highly effective at removing a wide range of tough soils from greasy dirt and carbonised soils in ovens (Power Degreaser) to soap scum and hard water deposits (Bath & Restroom Cleaner). Independent testing with a scrub machine compared OM1 Series cleaners to leading I & I and retail RTU green cleaners. OM1 Series products are said to have outperformed them, cleaning up to three times faster than other brands. Power Degreaser removed tar completely from a waxed vinyl tile panel in just 390 scrubs, with the next closest brand at 690 scrubs and some as high as 1250 scrubs.

Nyco Products Company is a speciality manufacturer of high performance cleaning brands and private branded chemicals used in the sanitary maintenance, healthcare, hospitality, food service, industrial, institutional and other cleaning markets. Founded in 1920, Nyco is a co-founding member of ChemBlend International, a strategic alliance of specialty chemical blenders in North America.

T: 800-752-4754
W: www.nycoproducts.com

7th August 2014

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