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Oxypharm ticks all the boxes at key Birmingham hospitals

* Birmingham-Oxypharm2.jpgWhen it comes to validated airborne disinfection, the Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust has clearly stated which it prefers, following its investment in 20 Oxypharm Nocospray machines to carry out the disinfection programme across its three key Trust Hospital sites.

Since its original introduction to the Trust, The Oxypharm hydrogen peroxide-based disinfection system was an instant hit with senior staff to whom it was presented.

* Birmingham-hospital.jpgIan James of IR James Associates, who supplied the Trust with Oxypharm explains:

"Oxypharm simply ticked all the boxes in terms of the needs of the Trust and those who use the equipment. The simplicity of its operation and its light weight, offer great flexibility and mobility for fast, proven and effective disinfection of small room areas through to large open wards."

The initial low unit purchase price and operational costs was also a decisive factor in the Trust's investment.

"The fact that the Trust could purchase 20 of the Oxypharm machines from a budget of around £70,000 was a major factor which enabled the units to be spread across the Sandwell, City Hospital and Rowley Regis sites, ensuring each had sufficient to cover its respective disinfection needs," adds Ian. "Additionally Oxypharm has a very low chemical consumption rate, ensuring ongoing costs are comfortably in keeping with budget."

The neighbouring University Hospitals of Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust are also thrilled with the advantages the heavily validated Oxypharm system brings to their brand new build, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Since the Trust's investment in two machines last year, it has been so pleased with their performance and subsequent staff feedback that it acquired additional machines earlier this year.

Instrumental in the system's acquisition and implementation is Simon Sharpe, Facilities Manager for Housekeeping services at the QE.

Having first been introduced to the Oxypharm system by IRJ Associates, Simon's initial thoughts were to the difference Oxypharm could bring to the existing disinfection programme, especially the significant reduction in time to get treated rooms back into operation:

"We were looking for a system to support and maybe enhance our procedures for decontamination of the environment following the discharge or movement of patients with known or suspected HAI's," he reveals. "A system which would be easy to use by housekeeping assistants as well as supervisors and would not delay the turn round times for admissions into vacant beds -Oxypharm certainly offers these."

But it wasn't only the system's time-saving attributes that won Simon over. There were other major benefits he saw in Oxypharm, not least the simplicity of application and the ease of transporting the system from one room to another.

"We had used other hydrogen peroxide misting systems with varying degrees of difficulties, but two advantages we have seen with the introduction of Oxypharm to the Trust have been the ease and familiarity of the controls and the mobility of the machines around the Trust," he says.

So what do the staff think about these new look machines: are they happy? "These advantages have been positively met by the staff," adds Simon, "And therefore Oxypharm was so simple to introduce to them."

Oxypharm prides itself on proven efficacy with extremely competitive operational costs, so has the QE noticed a lower cost per use output since implementation? Simon confirms: "We have seen the individual cost of treatments reduce since introducing the Oxypharm system making it the preferred system for management as well as the staff."

For more information on the Oxypharm system contact IR James Associates - West Midlands & Surround:

E: [email protected]

or the UK importer and distributor partner to Oxypharm, Innotec Hygiene Solutions:

E: [email protected]
W: www.innotechygienesolutions.com

2nd August 2012

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