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Comac's new CA Atex explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners suit dust zone 22 use

* Comec.jpgCA Atex industrial vacuum cleaners minimise the risk of explosions in potentially hazardous atmospheres and have been designed to vacuum dust with a potential low risk of explosion.

Explosion-proof and ATEX-certified for dust zone 22, they can be safely used in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, bakeries, flour and grain mills, cereals and wood pellet warehouses, metallurgical companies and mines.

Special attention has been paid to the filters to protect them from clogging and damage from dust and debris. An autonomous filter cleaning mechanism creates continuous vibration during use, and this protection is supported by an internal cyclone cone.

Additionally, a practical filter shaker knob, positioned on the tank, allows for more thorough filter cleaning when needed. Furthermore, the tangential vacuum inlet creates a vortex of the incoming dust, which is fundamental in helping to keep the filter clean.

The CA ATEX22-40 M and CA ATEX22 40 L models come with ‘Smart Turbine Support’ -
a smart mechanism for lowering and detaching the tanks to allow easy access to the filter. This, together with the wheeled tank, makes cleaning and emptying operations extremely quick and convenient.

With tanks made from AISI304 stainless steel, these new machines have also been designed to improve the user experience: A coaxial-type turbine means there is a direct connection between motor and turbine, which facilitates reductions in wasted energy due to the drive system, and also guarantees a lower noise level and less maintenance - extending the useful life of the machine.

Optional accessories allow the machines to be configured according to your specific cleaning needs.

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20th October 2022

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