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Increased demand for ozone cleaning and new working methods enable manufacturer to ‘Help a Hero – Make a Visor’

* Increased-demand-ozone.jpgOzone Clean has had a very interesting past 18 months with the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. “Due to the anti-viral properties of ozone, demand increased dramatically,” says the company’s Mark Powell.

“We have been faced with many challenges and obstacles that we have overcome so as to support the increased demand from organisations to use ozone in the protection of their staff as well as domestic environments – including the Help a Hero – Make a Visor’ campaign.”

Set up in 2005 to manufacture and market a range of ozone odour destruction and infection control products suitable for use in all industries, Ozone Clean has developed the concept of using ozone to sanitise rooms and larger areas and has produced and sourced a range of products suitable for a wide variety of businesses and applications. Based in North London, the company is multi-internationally award-winning and has rapidly built a strong reputation within hospitality and other industries. Its goal is centred on supplying products that are efficient, reliable, safe and cost-effective, backed up by an excellent service ethic and after-sales operation.

“With over 650 clients and 11 million rooms per year being treated with our equipment, we are the number one manufacturer and supplier of ozone generators in the UK,” says Mark.

“Due to our business model we were able to continue manufacturing and keep up with the increased demand because of the infection control nature of ozone. Our staff were very flexible and understanding with the concept of social distancing. Sales and marketing were able to work from home and we had to stagger the production staff where we would normally have six working at one time we had three working an early shift and the other three working a later shift. Our premises was able to maintain three staff with social distancing. We had to meet the extra demand by outsourcing some basic production as well.

“Because of this shift in working hours, some of my time was freed up and I was able to offer the company out to charitable ventures. The most important of which was the ‘Help a Hero – Make a Visor’ organisation, which motivated households to make their own PPE visor for use in the NHS and care homes when supply was short.

“As they were being made at home mostly, the medical facilities were wary of using them due to potential contamination. We were approached to offer our services and equipment to sanitise in bulk these home-made visors with ozone. Subsequently, the NHS, medical facilities and care homes then had the peace of mind to use them. In total, Ozone Clean treated over 250,000 visors that were all used to protect doctors, nurses and carers and in our own little way have helped save lives.

Mark says the company’s 16 years of manufacturing has helped it stand out against its competitors and has enabled it to iron out design issues, while researching and developing new methods of production such as changing from an analogue system to a digital one.

“Our main competitors are distributors selling quickly-produced ozone machines to meet the demand of the pandemic with various issues in design, as they have little or no experience in this field,” argues Mark. “We also have the strongest client base and track record. We have been able to pass on price reductions from the economies of scale to our end users, even though we were faced with increased prices in some component parts - whereas some other suppliers have increased their prices.

“Our manufacturing process is first class, it has proved to be even better than we imagined as the models we manufacture have an indefinite lifespan which fits perfectly with the sustainable aspect of Ozone and the models also fit into the circular economy.

“So, Ozone Clean has not only helped save lives but every time one of our machines is being used, it is helping save the environment as well.”


2nd September 2021

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