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Screen protection kills Coronavirus and 99.99% of most common surface bacteria

* Testing-Virus.jpgScreen protection specialist InvisibleShield’s 2020 glass screen protectors - treated with Kastus anti-microbial technology, have been confirmed by an independent global testing laboratory to be effective against human Coronavirus as well as 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria.

All InvisibleShield anti-microbial glass screen protectors produced in 2020 and beyond will feature Kastus technology.

The process enables InvisibleShield to infuse innovative anti-microbial technology into the glass during the manufacturing process. The technology has been tested to last the life of the screen protector, so device users do not need to worry about it wearing away over time.

This invisible coating also transforms glass into an easy-clean surface, reducing the need for chemical cleaners while providing antimicrobial protection. Once 'baked in' to the glass surface, the coating technology is incredibly durable - plus, being non-leaching, it is also friendly to the environment.

Kastus uses a unique Photo-physical coating process fueled by ambient air moisture and light, both unlimited fuel resources. The reactive oxygen species generated on surfaces, effectively 'bash' the bacteria, disrupting its cell walls until it is eliminated. The game changer here, is that bacteria cannot build up a resistance or immunity to Kastus coating technology and as the fuel source is unlimited, the protective antimicrobial power is 'always on' through the lifetime of the product.

"At InvisibleShield, we are driven to deliver industry-leading screen protection products for mobile devices that also protect our customers' wellbeing," says Gavin Slevin, managing director of parent company Zagg International. "There has never been a stronger need to protect against bacteria and viruses that are known to accumulate on our mobile device screens. Through our partnership with Kastus, our anti-microbial products not only provide the ultimate in digital wellness, but now also protect against the human Coronavirus."

John Browne, founder & CEO at Kastus, says: "The team at Kastus is delighted to further strengthen our relationship with the global market leader in screen protection. Our combined innovation brings an important antiviral screen technology to a global audience.

InvisibleShield, which has sold more than 215 million screen protectors worldwide, offers a limited lifetime warranty and will replace the product if it ever gets worn or damaged for the life of the device.

Based in Utah, the US, InvisibleShield has operations in Ireland and China.

www.InvisibleShield.com / www.kastus.com

3rd September 2020

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