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Latest ONS data shows that gender pay gap still exists amongst cleaners at all levels

* Annual-survey.jpgThe Office for National Statistics has issued its latest statistical bulletin on the gender pay gap and it shows that while more women are involved in cleaning work than men, the women earn less than their male colleagues per hour, whether they be basic cleaners, managers or anything in between.

Generally, at 18.1%, the gap in average pay between men and women, for all employees across many industries, is the lowest since records began. The cleaning industry fares a great deal better than that...

Data on levels, distribution and make-up of earnings and hours worked for UK employees by sex and full-time or part-time status in all industries and occupations, make up the 'Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings: 2016 provisional results' report, which includes an interactive tool that allows users to find out the gender pay gaps and average earnings in a wide range of jobs. It also shows how many women and men work in each role.

When taken across both part time and full time workers, women cleaners & domestics, at £7.50/hr (£6,451 a year), are paid 0.3% less than men, who earn, on average, £7.52/hr (£9,597 a year). Women hold 75% of these jobs.

However, when it comes to full time workers only, women, at £7.62/hr (£13,740 a year), are paid 4.1% less than men, who earn, on average, £7.94/hr (£16,324 a year). Women hold 58% of these jobs.

When it comes to the higher grades, the pay differentials worsen. Overall, women cleaning & housekeeping managers & supervisors are paid 8.3% less than men, despite 72% of these roles being carried out by women. The women earn, on average, £8.35/hr (£12,603 year), while the men's pay averages out at £9.11/hr (£20,207 year).

The situation is even worse for those working full time. Women, at £8.48/hr (£18,288 a year) are paid 8.6% less than men, who earn, on average, £9.28/hr (£21,865 a year). Women hold 62% of these jobs.

A breakdown for facilities managers is not available.


15th December 2016

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