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We have Mail:personal safety

Ed: This reader wrote in response to my leader last week, in which I confessed to what many others might consider a regular disregard of my personal safety, in order to 'get the job done'. I felt I ought to allow him to remain anonymous as he's still working in the industry and I didn't want to cause him any problems!

Jan, Regarding your piece in Cleanzine of 24th October 2013, all I can say is, yes me too, I do things like that, I will not be ruled, I think, foolishly.
Anyway I have done a load of daft things during my time, working in distribution as a Transport Manager for a well known electrical retailer.

Time and again the warehousemen would, when removing palletised goods from the racking bays, say 40 or 50 feet high, if they bumped the racking beam above and knocked one side out, I would get the call to fix. This required me to stand on the forks of a truck or even stand on a pallet, clamped and held by the clamps of a warehouse MHE truck and be lifted up to the beam with a new locating pin to re-locate the beam back to its position on the racking and then re-locate the wooden racking pallet back into position.

The guys were good though they didn't drop me once!

31st October 2013

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