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International News

Germgard Lighting demonstrates two-second, bare and gloved hand sterilisation

Germgard Lighting has developed, tested, and confirmed by independent testing that a small UVC dispenser - specifically designed for sterilising bare or gloved hands safely and quickly - achieves -6log10 inactivation of all relevant pathogens, including tough-to-kill Clostridium difficile spores. It has developed a simple, proprietary means to protect bare skin from UVC exposure. Sterilisation of gloved or bare hands is implemented within a few seconds including an exposure time of only two seconds.

Ecolab adopts automated hand hygiene monitoring technology for healthcare customers

Ecolab announced this week that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Proventix Systems to use the nGage RFID (radio frequency identification) system to automate hand hygiene compliance monitoring for healthcare customers. The agreement with Proventix provides Ecolab customers with new options for their hand hygiene compliance monitoring initiatives.
Through imbedding advanced RFID technology into tags worn with existing healthcare identification badges, the Proventix nGage system encourages hand hygiene compliance without workflow disruption. nGage monitors 100% of hand hygiene events to provide reliable hand hygiene compliance data. The nGage system can also be used to support additional work flow functionality, including asset tracking and staff location assistance, to increase efficiencies and allow healthcare workers to focus on delivering care.

WWF and Kimberly-Clark announce new global commitment to responsible forestry

Yesterday, Kimberly-Clark and World Wildlife Fund announced the expansion of Kimberly-Clark's membership in the Global Forest & Trade Network, a WWF initiative to eliminate illegal logging and conserve the world's most valuable and threatened forests. Kimberly-Clark will now include its worldwide operations in the initiative, building on its existing GFTN membership in selected countries. The participation scope now includes all wood fibres sourced for all of the company's products sold globally in the Kimberly-Clark Professional, Personal Care and Consumer Tissue businesses..

RCM gears up to look after cleaning needs of Yamaha Motor Racing, Milan

* RCM-Yamaha.jpg
After renewing its agreement with Yamaha Motor Racing for 2011, RCM has announced that it is to supply machines and services for the care of Yamaha's Superbike Department.

AeroGlass liquid glass technology helps prevent the spread of infection

The recent E-coli outbreak in Germany - which rapidly spread to other European regions - again highlighted how air travel can be linked to the rapid spread of infection. Other than temperature monitoring, there is little that can be done to evaluate the health of the individuals who enter an aircraft, but now Frasers Aerospace is introducing a multi-award winning technology which will significantly reduce the bacterial loading present on surfaces within the aircraft and this technology is available for use in other situations too.

Bunzl: looking good

In updating the market relating to the six months ending 30 June 2011 prior to entering its close period, Bunzl, the international distribution and outsourcing group, announced this week that overall trading is consistent with expectations at the time of the Interim Management Statement in April.

Vectair launches 'Green Tea' aircare fragrance

* Vectair-greentea.jpg
Vectair has introduced a trendy a new fragrance to its Airoma fragrance range . . . Green Tea is a fresh, oriental, uplifting and energising fragrance that removes nasty odours whilst creating a fresh-smelling environment.

This, as well as the company's other popular, established ranges, is available now for use with the Vectair range of aerosol / non-aerosol fragrance dispensers and systems. These include hand held aerosols, the V-Air non-aerosol continuous odour control system, Airoma and Micro Airoma automatic fragrance dispensers, the Omniscent large space fragrance unit and the Prozone ozone generator.

Smell for yourself today...

T: 01256 319500
F: 01256 319510
E: info@vectair.co.uk
W: www.vectair.co.uk

Bio trunking makes a meal out of food factory bugs

Strict hygiene control is a top priority in food preparation environments, making a new antimicrobial cable management system that is effective against E-Coli and Salmonella a perfect solution for assisting in ensuring the ultimate level of cleanliness is maintained at all times.

Vernacare's 'Austerity Partnership' rewards loyal customers

* Vernacare-pulp.jpg

Vernacare has launched an 'Austerity Partnership' with NHS Trusts to enable hospitals to make sustainable cost savings on medical pulp without compromising on exceptional quality standards or patient care.

New pressure washers from Idrobase are going down a storm

* Libera_Idrobase.jpg

Last month, Idrobase chose the successful Pulire 2011 exhibition to launch several new offerings and the company's Bruno Ferrarese tells us that these went down a storm with the hundreds of visitors to the stand.

CSSA AGM & Annual Luncheon: informative and fun

Members of the Cleaning & Support Services Association attended their AGM and annual lunch in London at the Savoy Hotel last Thursday, formally electing Doug Cooke of Principle Cleaning as Chairman of the UK cleaning industry's leading trade association. Peter Goodliffe of OCS Group was elected vice-Chairman and Michael Rutherford of Victoria General Cleaning Services was elected Honorary Treasurer. It was also agreed that Peter Goodliffe will become Chairman at the end of 2011, and Doug Cooke assume the role of vice-Chairman, to ensure a smooth handover between the two.

'Give Soap a Chance' campaign reaches South Africa

* soap-campaign-reaches-Africa.jpg

A health campaign created by Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust to cut down on infections in the community has been adopted in South Africa.

Higiexpo 2011, Brazil, opens in just a few weeks

* Hygienxpo-2009-opening.jpg
The Brazilian Association for the Institutional Cleaning Market (Abralimp) promotes Higiexpo - the exhibition covering Hygiene, Cleaning and Environmental Preservation Products and Services and also Higicon - the International Congress of the Professional Cleaning Market. The events are taking place from 3rd to 5th of August, in the Yellow Pavilion of the Expo Center North, in São Paulo, Brazil.

PPE assessment: improving your bottom line

* Ansell-TOUCH_N_TUFF_92-600.jpg

An assessment of personal protective equipment can identify opportunities for improvements that can positively impact the bottom line of many businesses.

Rubbermaid's new Hygen clean water system turns dirty water into clean

* Rubbermaid-HYGEN.jpg

Rubbermaid Commercial Products has introduced the new Hygen Clean Water System, which features what the company believes is the first ever integrated water filter that generates cleaner water, cleaner mops and cleaner floors.

EU to start taxing road freight to contain pollution

EU member states have been given final approval to start applying the 'polluter-pays' principle when setting road tolls for heavy goods vehicles. But the freight sector is complaining of an additional burden as countries are not obliged to reinvest the tax revenues in greening road transport.

IEHA Seattle Educational Forum sells out

on at www.cleaningconsultants.com

IPC Media chooses Principle Cleaning

Principle Cleaning Services is continuing to add prestigious contracts to its growing portfolio of media companies and has recently won a three year contract for daily office cleaning for IPC Media's landmark building, Blue Fin Building.

HSS Outsource: time/money-saving solution for cleaning and FM contractors

HSS, the national supplier of tool and equipment hire and related services, is launching HSS Outsource, an innovative new service that offers a long-term equipment hire solution and promises to help facilities managers save time and money when it comes to equipment management. The proposition launches first in the troubled cleaning equipment sector going to the heart of FM's everyday problems.

Mega I: RCM's new walk-behind scrubber-drier

* RCM-Mega.jpg
RCM's latest machine is part of the company's plan - announced in 2009 - to establish a Global RCM machines, services and innovation offer. High efficiency, robustness and reliability are the cornerstones of the technical features of all RCM machines and these are the main qualities of MEGA I.

Glass Clean System

Ramon Hygiene Products are adding further new products to their successful cleaning and hygiene range to provide quick and easy cleaning solutions for glass, stainless steel, ceramic tiles and mirrors. The new Glass Clean Frames and Microfibre Mini Mops offer simple and professional cleaning in just one single movement. Designed for use in any area where polished or gloss surfaces require routine maintenance.

What exactly engages employees?

A new Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development report published recently, delves deep into the issue of employee engagement. It acknowledges that employee engagement is an important driver of sustainable organisation performance, but goes further by exploring 'what' employees engage with and 'where' in the organisation their focus of engagement is located, or, what is their 'locus of engagement.'

MITIE wins integrated FM contract in Norway

MITIE, has recently been awarded a seven-year integrated facilities management contract with the Norwegian Maritime Competence Centre in Alesund, Norway.

Welcome to the


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Read by industry professionals in 132 countries worldwide!

In this week's news we cover the launch of this year's British Toilet Association Innovation Awards, while visitors to washrooms along New York's Coney Island boardwalk are experiencing innovation of a different kind: alleged moves by the city's authorities to redcude people's toilet tissue consumption.

According to the New York Post, the city is so strapped for cash that it's rationing toilet paper in some of its women's washrooms - but not by controlled usage dispensers or anything highly technical. Instead, dispensers have been left empty and washroom attendants are handing out a few sheets of tissue to each washroom visitor - regardless of what they've come in to do! I haven't seen anything like that since I first visited some of the old 'Eastern Bloc' countries prior to Perestroika!

Back then I got into the habit of carrying my own tissue around with me and was embarrassed once when an attendant who assumed I didn't know the score and would expect to find tissue in the cubicle, ran after me shouting and even tried to follow me inside.

The Post carries a comment from Danish visitors Benedikte Friis and Ann Damgaard, who said they had been enjoying their visit to Coney Island until they had to use the washrooms.

"It's very weird that someone decides how much paper you get because they don't know what situation you're in," said Friis, 22. "You might need more!"


My advice to Friis, Ann and anyone else who is likely to encounter a shortage of tissue supply - wherever they are in the world - is to always carry some of their own. For while the supply might not actually be rationed, there is never a guarantee that it won't already have been used up...



Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

New technology kills bacteria that cause hospital infections

Early results from a comprehensive multi-site clinical trial demonstrated that the use of antimicrobial copper surfaces in intensive care unit rooms resulted in a 97% reduction of bacteria that cause hospital acquired infections. This particular study also found a 40% reduction in the risk of acquiring an infection. Study results are to be submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency for review and approval.

Initial study results were presented at the World Health Organization's 1st International Conference on Prevention & Infection Control (ICPIC) in Geneva, Switzerland, last Friday.

Cleaning firms urged to prepare for new agency worker regulations

Time and attendance software specialist Auto Time Solutions, is urging cleaning businesses that use temporary staff to ensure they are well prepared for new legislation, which will give temporary workers the same pay and rights as permanent employees.

The Agency Workers Regulation, which becomes law from October this year, is set to have profound implications for temporary agency workers, employers and agencies. Under the new EU regulations agency staff that have worked for 12 consecutive weeks at a company will be entitled to the same pay, overtime allowances, annual leave and breaks as permanent staff doing the same job.

Fimap receives from QCB Italy, 'Top Peformance 2010' quality award

* Fimap_award.jpgThe Italian Quality Certification Bureau has bestowed the quality award 'Top Performance 2010' on Fimap.

This award, founded in 2005, is assigned each year to the organisation which, having been certified for at least three years, has demonstrated at each review, consistent quality performance at a level that meets the judges' strict criteria.

Toilet Innovation Awards open for entries

The 2011 British Toilet Association Innovation Awards, which are now open for entries, will recognise innovation in three key areas of 'away from home' toilet provision: new products, new services and efficiency improvements. The BTA wants to hear about innovation that really improves the use or provision of publicly accessible toilets.

Anyone can nominate a provider or supplier or their own organisation or company by sending an email to enquiries@britloos.co.uk by Friday, 30th September, 2011. Nominations must include details of why the product, service or efficiency should be awarded a BTA Innovation Award. All nominations will be acknowledged.

BICSc Education Conference helps set new environmental and training standards

* BICSc-education-conference.jpg

New environmental and training standards were discussed and developed during the British Institute of Cleaning Science's highly successful inaugural education conference for the cleaning and FM industry.

The conference, entitled 'Green and keen cleaning workforces - setting new environmental and training standards in the cleaning industry', examined key themes of sustainable workforces, training and the environment. The event, sponsored by sustainable hand hygiene expert, Gojo, was held in the conference centre, at the Old Trafford football stadium in Manchester on 23rd June.

Ecolab recognised with IFT Food Expo Innovation Award

Ecolab has received a 2011 IFT Food Expo Innovation Award for Exelerate ZTF, which is thought to be the industry's first and only cleaning programme designed to address zero trans fat oil build-up in food processing environments. Presented to Ecolab by the Institute of Food Technologists at its Annual Meeting & Food Expo, the award recognises outstanding innovation in products, ingredients, applications, equipment, instruments, technology and services.

"Frying or baking food with zero trans fat oils has the unexpected consequence of coating processing equipment and environmental surfaces with a stubborn residue. Ecolab's Exelerate ZTF helps food manufacturers clean zero trans fat residue from processing equipment and surfaces in half the time of other cleaning methods. The gelled produc

Idrobase Group closes first half of the year 26% up

Italian pressure washer specialist The Idrobase Group, has closed the first half of 2011 with a +26% increase over the same period of 2010. This is an increase in revenue that goes even beyond the ambitious objectives of growth (+12% on an annual basis) announced by Bruno Ferrarese Gazzignato and the eight million Euros turnover hypothesized for 2011.

The Group has experienced a constant ascent throughout its 25 year existence, interrupted only by the global crisis of 2009, which Bruno says didn't damage the company as much as it damaged other manufacturers in the industrial cleaning sector. Indeed, by early 2010, the Group had improved on its 2008 results.

Cleaning team celebrates after gaining nationally recognised awards

* NOM.jpg

Cleaning staff working at a Shropshire dairy are celebrating after gaining nationally recognised industry standard awards.
The operatives, who all work for commercial and industrial contract cleaning company Servicemaster, carry out cleaning duties at the Nom Dairy at Donnington in Telford and have each achieved Level 2 NVQ Awards.

Servicemaster managing director David Edwards says: " Nom Dairy is a leading international yoghurt manufacturer supplying a number of the UK's major supermarket chains.

We Have Mail

.uk, has plenty more information.

Wallgate develops new sanitaryware control package

* Wallgate.jpg

Wallgate, which has offered washroom solutions and water management systems for over 30 years, has announced the launch of its new Sanitaryware flushing control packages.

This new electronic flushing system is aimed at assisting clients and reducing installation costs and consists of WC, cistern, flush valve, electronic controls and associated cables. This new package offers the choice of activation by Piezo touch button or no-touch infra-red sensor, can control up to four WC's and is ideal for all public markets.

Coventry 'cleaning show' takes place next Thursday

One for UK cleaning professionals...

Coventry-based Astley's is holding a cleaning show next Thursday 14th July and is promising to show you significant savings on the products you use every day, through innovation, rationalisation and the selection of the right product for the job. The team is also offering to help solve your cleaning problems.

Confirmed exhibitors include Bay West, Clover, Contico, Deb, EcoTech, Jeyes, Kimberly-Clark, Metsa, Nilfisk, Polyco, Prochem Europe, Robert Scott, Unger and Vectair, so there will be lots to see.

Brightwell rises to the challenge

* Brightwell-new-moulding-machine.jpg

For the past two years, raw materials and energy have been subject to ongoing cost increases, which ultimately has led to higher prices. With the global economy remaining unstable, global dispensing solutions provider Brightwell has looked into alternative ways to keep its costs under control.

One of the key areas reviewed in order to offer a more sustainable cost/quality ratio is the moulding process. Some 90% of the company's products are manufactured in-house and this includes the injection moulding of all plastic components, which allows the company to closely analyse and monitor its key component costs. These calculations have enabled Brightwell to take measures to introduce several cost reduction programmes which will ultimately assist it in offsetting some of the increased costs.

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Technical Sales Manager: Midlands

PALLMANN is the 100+ year old division of the German Uzin-Utz AG and manufactures products and machinery for the installation, renovation and maintenance of wood floors. 

We wish to appoint an experienced sales manager to promote our innovative, full range of products to contract customers and their clients.

Strong relationships within the wood floor or floor care market, an ability to identify and develop business opportunities and the self motivation to succeed will be rewarded with a generous career package and an enviable opportunity to play a key part of our success.

The ideal candidate will live in the Midlands area and should expect some time away from home, in the UK and in Germany.

Account Manager (UK and Ireland)

Salary; £40k per annum +On Target Earnings (OTE), + Car, Pension.

WECOVI, a long established Dutch manufacturing specialist to the professional cleaning and leisure sectors, is seeking to recruit an Account Manager to maintain and develop its business within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This appointment offers an exciting and challenging opportunity for a sales professional to join a progressive organisation which has operations in The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the continuing development of the company's business with existing accounts and to build new and profitable business relationships. The role includes working with other account managers to train end-user customers in the correct use of the company's products and to develop and train distributor staff to ensure the maximum optimisation of the Wecoline brand.

We are seeking to appoint a young or experienced industry professional who is enthusiastic, willing to work hard and who is looking to enhance their career with this dynamic and growing international Organisation.

For more information please check www.wecovi.com/en/news

Ready for the challenge?

If so, please submit your up to date cv to; CERATA Limited, email; keith.baker01@btinternet.com, tele; +44 1162609171, Mob; +44 7712 142706.

National Account Managers

Southern & Northern UK, OTE £70K

Reintec (part of the HSS Group) are a specialist Hire, Sales and Service cleaning equipment provider who support customers throughout the UK. As the business continues to grow, we now have fantastic opportunities for two National Account Managers to join our team covering both Northern and Southern UK.

The National Account Managers will work closely with our Sales Director to attract new customers whilst ensuring customer retention and growth. The role will focus on the development of the sales pipeline for Reintec to drive revenue and win new business.

Alongside a proven sales experience from the contract cleaning industry, communication skills, commercial awareness and a 'can do' attitude are the key ingredients we're looking for. You'll need to be comfortable working with key stakeholders across the business and happy to present to new and existing customers.

What are the benefits? We'll be honest - it's our colleagues that make us what we are. As well as a competitive salary, company car and fantastic bonus, we provide an industry leading benefits package with an extended range of family-friendly benefits.

Interested? Please visit www.hsscareers.co.uk to apply or for an informal chat call Annie Bhagat on 0161 7494046.

Technical Manager

c. £45,000 UK based

A new position has become available for a Technical Manager to join the British Institute of Cleaning Science. The successful applicant will take the lead in developing a new range of training and learning programmes, using different methodologies including classroom, practical and online. These new products and services will contribute to the increase in training and membership sales and other related business in both the UK and Internationally. The role will include delivering consultancy services to our customers when appropriate.

Strategic Operations Manager

Cambridge, OTE 40K-50K

Quality Care Cleaning has an exciting opportunity for a Strategic Operations Manager to join our team in Cambridge. We offer a OTE salary range of £40,000 - £50,000 per annum plus benefits We are a professional, commercial cleaning company with over 30 years' experience, looking to employ a Strategic Operations Manager on a full time, permanent basis to manage our service delivery. We require an experienced, professional, quality driven individual that shares our commitment to customer care, team work & high standards to effectively manage an established team.

The Strategic Operations Manager Job Description

Job Title: Strategic Operations Manager Based at: Quality Care Cleaning Ltd. Copley Hill Business Park Reports to: Managing Director Responsible for: Operational Staff Job Purpose To manage the planning, analysis and delivery of a multi-site commercial cleaning service. The post holder will be responsible for organising, evaluating and revising service whilst maintaining high levels of cleaning service standards, cost effectiveness, and increasing turnover.

Field Sales Executive/Estimator

Swift Office Cleaning Services Limited is an ISO9001 & 14001 accredited company that has an excellent opportunity for a Field Sales Executive to join their team. You will be visiting potential clients' premises covering London, Herts & Essex to discuss their requirements for daily office cleaning and various associated services. 

A proven sales record in the cleaning industry is essential and you will be able to understand the clients' needs thoroughly, allowing enough time for our cleaning staff to complete our proposal that caters for the clients requirements at the budget they are prepared to spend. Telesales is also a vital part in this role, so experience in all aspects of lead generation is essential.

The successful candidate will be: An excellent communicator with the ability to build rapport with customers. Professional in appearance and conduct. Experienced in field sales in the daily office cleaning or associated cleaning industries and preparing accurate proposals and making your own appointments. Flexible with regards to travel and working when required for new client and contract start meetings. Clean driving licence and ideally living within 25 mile radius of Harlow.


We have an opportunity for a

Field Sales Manager
Central England

We are looking for the right person to join our sales team. This is a very rare opportunity to join our small, friendly team and sell our unique, premium quality floor cleaning equipment in the central area of England.

Duplex Cleaning Machines has been a leading industry expert in the supply of commercial and industrial cleaning machines since 1986.

Recognised and trusted throughout the UK and globally, the Duplex range cleans all types of flooring and features the unique ability to clean and sanitise with the power of steam. The Duplex machine is the result of many years of the finest design, engineering and craftsmanship with each machine being hand-built in Italy.

Duplex has been an ISO 9001 accredited company for over twenty years demonstrating our compliance with all quality standards related to the supply of products and services.

The successful candidate will be well-organised, professional and familiar with dealing with people at all levels. Experience of the cleaning industry is preferred although full training and product information will be given. 


Experienced Export Sales Manager - Vectair Systems Ltd

Vectair Systems is a multi-award-winning technological innovator, manufacturer and supplier of commercial 'away from home' washroom equipment. Founded over 25 years ago, we manufacture leading international brands including Airoma, Micro Airoma, Sanitex MVP, V-Screen, Vectair V-Fresh, Babyminder, Quadrasan, Prozone, Femcare, MVP and V-Air SOLID.

With an EMEA Head Office in Basingstoke, UK, Vectair Systems also offers unique OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) services, allowing companies to design their own style of coordinated washroom products and dispensers, using the latest manufacturing technologies from state of the art facilities.

As a rapidly growing company trading in over 100 countries globally, an opportunity exists for an experienced and self-motivated individual to join and further strengthen our export team.

ISSA EMEA Education & Certification Manager

£40,000 Europe, country negotiable

Summary: Are you a rainmaker? ISSA is looking for a proven leader who will provide strategic direction and manage tactical plans to provide education, training, certification and business tools for Europe, Middle East and African member companies of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry trade association, www.issa.com. This person will be accountable for planning, management, execution and communication at several levels within and outside the association to meet education and certification revenue and participation goals to satisfaction. Expected to support the EMEA Director in achieving ISSA'S overall strategic goals for the EMEA region. Submit CV in English.

Salary: £40,000 based on experience. Location: within Europe, country negotiable based on job requirements. 


LAVORWASH GB – Leading manufacturer of cleaning machines

Sales Representative
Manchester area

We have an exciting opportunity for a Sales Representative to join our team based in the area of Manchester, UK. The role will be a full time position working 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday. Typically you will be out on the road 3 days + 2 days at the office.

We are offering a good salary base + bonus/commission and benefits. The perfect candidate for this role will have at least one year of client facing sales experience; if not, please do not apply.

For more details and info please contact rossi.marco@lavorwash.it by sending your CV and we will get in touch.


Key Account Executive

Base salary £30,000 OTE £42,850
Matched contribution pension scheme, company car, laptop, mobile
M40 / M1 Corridor

The Company Kaiser+ Kraft (KK) is an industrial B2B equipment and hardware reseller via catalogue. KK supplements this with Key Account Managers / Executives to provide a knowledgeable local face with the aim of becoming the preferred supplier of Maintenance, Repair and Operation hardware to its clients.

The Role The Key Account Executive reports to a Key Account Manager and is measured on these KPI's

* Growth in turnover and gross margin across the assigned customer portfolio.
* Implementation of European & UK framework agreements across the sites of major customer groups.
* The identification of capital projects valued in the range £5k to >£30k - translating these into quotations with support and closing the sale.


Sales People Required

East & West Midlands, Greater London

Denis Rawlins Ltd has been supplying cleaning machines and matting to industrial, commercial and institutional organisations for over 45 years. We specialise in first class support through customer service, training, product demonstrations and advice.

We currently have vacancies for sales people in the East and West Midlands, as well as the Greater London area with remuneration in the form of a competitive package based on your expertise.

Experience of selling cleaning machines or similar capital equipment to industrial, commercial and institutional customers is preferred but not essential.
Interested candidates should contact James White in the first instance with your C.V via sales@rawlins.co.uk

Birkin Services.jpg

Cleaning Services Sales Executive / Trainee

Founded in 1972 and based in Welwyn Garden City, we provide high quality cleaning services operating inside the M25, Herts, Beds, Bucks & Essex. We enjoy an outstanding reputation operating within the Education, Office Cleaning and Leisure sectors predominantly. We employ in excess of 1000 staff providing services for over 200 extremely satisfied customers. As we continue to grow, we are recruiting for a Sales Exec / Trainee Sales Exec with experience of the Cleaning, Washroom services or "soft services" environment.

Educated to minimum A level standard, the candidate will have a sound knowledge of Word, Excel and Powerpoint along with a good grounding in pricing principles. Full clean driving licence & DBS clearance will be required.

You will receive full training in a friendly and supportive environment. An excellent basic salary is offered with a company vehicle, plus an uncapped commission package.

Please send your CV to Paul Nixon, Director:


Commercial Window Cleaning Manager

Lancing, West Sussex 
£25K per year + bonus 

Wanted to run office and scheduling for all contractors, sales work & logistics. Needs experience in window cleaning. Knowledge of London & South East Region, Health & Safety helpful. Must be competant in using computer and with good customer relations.

Email CV to mark@groveswindowcleaning.com



UK Area Manager Cleaning Operations

CCS Cleaning are currently recruiting for a full-time Area Manager to look after our sites throughout the United Kingdom. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in the cleaning industry and have a very good knowledge of the business. The successful candidate will receive a competitive salary, full training and will be mentored by our Group Operations and Development Manager. Company phone, car and tablet will also be provided. 

Key responsibilities will include:

- First point of contact with our customers
- Manage staff on contracted sites and report any issues to Operations/HR/payroll
- Ensure adequate staffing levels on all sites and follow Recruitment Procedures
- Delivering Company's high standards across all sites and ensuring Customer satisfaction
- Train and develop staff through the companies training matrix
- Support, manage and maintain high cleaning standards
- Conduct Monthly Specialized Cleaning Standard Audits
- Manage store hour budgets and approve Site Supervisor's timesheets
- Ensure cleaning supervisors are following correct procedures with regard to filing paper work to the payroll department
- Be on-call at all times to fully manage and monitor any issues
- Continually promote our Company Policies and Standards -Assist with the setup of new contracts


Area Manager Cleaning Operations
The Netherlands

CCS Cleaning are currently recruiting for a full-time bi-lingual Area Manager to look after our sites throughout the Netherlands. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in the cleaning industry and have a good knowledge of the business. The successful candidate will receive a competitive salary, full training and will be mentored by our Group Operations and Development Manager. Company phone, car and tablet will also be provided.

Training and Development Manager
Northampton, UK
c.£30,000 - £35,000

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) is the largest independent, professional and educational body within the cleaning industry, with over 15,000 Individual and Corporate members worldwide.

BICSc is currently looking for an experienced Training and Development Manager to deliver training programmes as well as contribute to the strategic direction of BBS training solutions. The candidate will also be expected to develop a sales pipeline and increase sales activity in conjunction with other team members.

Experience within the cleaning or facilities management industry, an ability to deliver and develop training packages as well as the skills to identify new business opportunities will be rewarded with a competitive salary and the opportunity to play a key part in the future direction of the company's training programmes.


Job Title: Area Operations Manager  Office: Cleanology House, 7 Lion Yard, Tremadoc Road, Clapham, London SW4 7NQ 
Package: circa £30k + quarterly bonus + car 
Hours of work: full time; min. 45 hours per week – permanent position 
Start date: immediate

About the company: Cleanology is a dynamic and fast-growing commercial cleaning, security and facilities management company, providing professional services to offices, restaurants, retail outlets, schools and other businesses around London. The company employs 400+ staff.

About the role: A demanding field-based, operational management role for someone with patience, energy and stamina. The role can require long hours and requires a disciplined individual able to manage time effectively. There is also opportunity to grow within the business, for ambitious candidates wanting career progression. 

Purpose:  - Manage and operate a portion of the company’s contracts  - Manage cleaning staff working on those contracts  - Maintain and develop relationships with existing clients

Key Responsibilities:  - Ensure all jobs are staffed and cover in the event of holiday or sickness  - Regularly meet clients for feedback  - Start-up and manage any new contracts  - Manage an area supervisor  - Reporting to an operational director


Business Development Manager - Ireland
Business Development Manager - Northern England/Scotland

Ramon Hygiene Products, based in Leicester, are one of the UK's and Ireland leading suppliers of cleaning products and equipment to the professional hygiene and janitorial trade as well as cash and carry wholesale and retail sectors. We offer a wide range of branded and own label cleaning products into both sectors, coupled with an extensive range of professional cleaning equipment.

We have two exciting new opportunities for a high calibre salespeople to join our enthusiastic and committed team. The positions involve developing our business building on an established customer base across Ireland and another position in Northern England/Scotland and seeking new customers. The ideal candidates will be very market aware, intelligent and confident with outstanding time management expertise and have exceptional sales and account management abilities.

These are home based positions. Ideally residing in Belfast or Dublin for the position in Ireland and The Central Belt in Scotland. However, you would be expected to stay away as required to cover the territory and during the training period. You are required to have strong organisational skills, excellent reporting capabilities and be structured in your approach to your sales targeting. The ability to negotiate at all levels and conduct practical demonstrations is essential.

The ideal candidates will have a minimum of 3 years' sales experience within the Hygiene and Janitorial markets or within the FMGC sector. Full training will be provided. Competitive salary, company car, mobile phone, laptop and usual expenses are offered.

Apply in writing enclosing a current C.V. to sbaldock@ramonhygiene.co.uk


Regional Account Manager

Central England, East Anglia, Home Counties, North London

Vileda Professional is the leading global solutions provider of innovative quality cleaning systems for the Professional user. Our UK business is seeking an exceptionally talented individual for the position of Regional Account Manager covering the Central England, East Anglia, Home Counties and North London areas You will assume responsibility for the achievement of sales targets within your region through development of new business in the healthcare, FM and local government sectors in conjunction with partner distributors Skills

* We are looking for an exceptional, target driven, talented individual with proven ability to develop long term sales growth through the development and maintenance of an active prospect list
* You should be experienced in, and able to demonstrate your skills at, the sale of innovative products and systems to end-users. * You will bring with you demonstrable sales experience within the cleaning industry
* You must be able to demonstrate exceptional presentation skills both written and verbal and evidence good time management skills

Remuneration will be commensurate with the position and can be advised on application

Enquiries and CV should be addressed to Mrs Heather Spink, Personnel Manager at Heather.Spink@fhp-ww.com or alternatively to FHP LP, 2 Chichester Street, Rochdale, Lancashire OL16 2AX.


Commercial Contracts Manager

£25,000 - £27,000 p.a.
Full-Time, Permanent
Company vehicle provided

We are a professional, commercial, cleaning company with over 30 years' experience looking to recruit a Commercial Contracts Manager who will be responsible for the effective management of a dedicated team providing a cleaning service to designated clients.

The successful applicant will be a business minded, hands-on, customer focused individual that shares our commitment to team work and high standards.

You will preferably have relevant experience, gained in a commercial cleaning setting, and experience of managing a team in a result driven environment.

We will consider established deputy managers and managers from other sectors who have the required skills and experience to take the next step in their management careers with a Company experiencing continued growth.

To apply, or to request further details, please contact us on 01223 833 300, or email admin@qualitycarecleaning.co.uk

Closing date: 10th April 2015


National Washroom Company

SE London based

We currently have the following opportunities:

Service Operative
Servicing clients washroom needs
Clean driving licence required

Multi Drop Driver
Experience of driving in London required
LWB van and 7 1/2 tonne experience
Clean driving licence required

Internal Sales Support
Product sourcing, supporting our external sales team

Technical and Training Support
External client product training
Site demonstrations

Excellent salary and benefits

Please email Application/CV to:- vacancies@mayflowerws.co.uk


Business Development Manager
Battersea, Greater London (SW8)
Salary: Starting at £35,000 per Annum to Uncapped OTE
Reporting To: Sales & Marketing Director

GreenZone Cleaning & Support Services is a growing, dynamic organisation offering our clients a unique service delivery, providing a green cleaning service. Although we are a young Battersea based company we have the knowledge & expertise to deliver exceptional levels of service.

We have a fantastic opportunity to be a part of a very successful team and are currently seeking Business Development Managers at all levels.

The aim of the role is to achieve mandatory sales targets. To develop the GreenZone business profitably by gaining new customers and developing specific existing accounts where the opportunity has been identified.

Candidates should possess the Skills, Behaviours and Knowledge listed below:

Business Development Manager – Key Deliverables:

• Implement the Sales and Marketing Plan.
• Identify Sales Targets for each three months on a rolling basis.
• Identify Sales Prospects for each six months on a rolling basis.
• Target Specific End User clients as agreed with the Sales and Marketing Director.
• Identify, classify and develop Sales Leads.
• Follow up Sales Leads, Periodic and Ad-hoc quotations.
• Work with Operations Managers to identify additional opportunities to sell.

Area Sales Representative - B2B

Midlands & South West

VERMOP is one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of cleaning systems and accessories. We achieved this through many years of competence, excellence in innovation and the personal motivation of our employees. Our production site in Germany stands for tradition, quality and consistent customer orientation. Due to continued expansion and growth we are now looking for a driven Area Sales Representative to join our team. 

The role

* Developing and maintaining relationships with new and existing clients
* Business development and acquisition of new clients
* Identification of client´s requirements and making recommendations
* Configuration and presentation of client customised product solutions
* Provision of ongoing site implementation and after care service support to clients

Your profile

* Sales experience with a proven track record, preferably from within a field sales environment
* Knowledge of the B2B cleaning industry is highly desirable * Strong technical skills and good software skills
* Good analytical and organisational skills
* Ambition and enthusiasm to promote the VERMOP brand

We offer you a highly challenging role in a successful and growing company. You will receive a competitive salary depending on skills and experience as well as a company car and 20 days holiday. To ensure you a successful start at VERMOP, full product training at our Training Centre in Germany will be given.

To be considered for this role, please send your job application (including covering letter outlining suitability and CV) to jobs@vermop.com


In order to expand the company's commercial activities and to give further substance to the growth ambitions of Wecovi Ltd., we are looking for a m/f:

National Account Manager (Janitorial & Leisure)
UK home-based £40,000 - £50,000 per annum, inc benefits, OTE, company car

This Dutch family-owned business manufactures, converts and distributes its innovative products to customers throughout Europe. In the above position you will be responsible for the commercial results of Wecovi Ltd in the UK & Ireland. Therefore, you will draw up a concrete sales plan each year. Your focus will be on the professional cleaning sector as well as on the leisure sector.

In the case of the professional cleaning sector, you will largely be dealing with distributors of cleaning products, professional cleaning and/or facilities management companies. Always with a clear focus on the end-users (cleaners). In the case of the leisure sector, you will largely be dealing with purchasers, marketers or directly with the owner of the recreation park.

In addition, you will closely monitor developments and opportunities at end-user customers.

You will be able to convince your customers and prospects of the solutions and USPs of the Wecoline and Wecovi Service brands in terms of quality as well as the unique sustainability and effectiveness of these products. Your primary tasks will be to optimise existing customers as well as develop new potential prospects. You will also proactively seek new sales opportunities within your own territory.

In short, your bold commercial approach and technical advice (demo-ing) will enable you to create partnerships and thereby increase Wecovi's market share. You will work from home and report to the Sales & Marketing Director in the Netherlands (HQ). This position involves (inter)national travel.

Office Based Service Manager

Southampton Attractive Salary
+ Bonus + Company Car or Van, Laptop, mobile

About Elan Sales

Elan are the sole U.K importer for the FactoryCat brand of industrial battery powered floor cleaning equipment manufactured by the R.P.S corporation in the US. We also operate a successful hire business across the south of England dealing with contract cleaners, end users and specialist floor preparation companies.

The Position

We are looking for a mainly site based manager to look after the service and hire divisions for existing customers and to expand?both divisions, working with the M.D and sales team.

The Candidate

Should be hard working and diligent, with a solid background in the commercial/industrial cleaning equipment sector. Be a good coordinator, be able communicate well with customers and colleagues. We are looking for either an experienced service manager or field engineer who wants to progress into management, the salary is negotiable depending on experience.

Contact Mr Dean Smith
Telephone 02380 617129
Email info@elansalesltd.co.uk
Web site www.scrubberdrierhire.com


Strategic Account Manager

A world-leading manufacturer of industrial and domestic cleaning equipment, Nilfisk-Advance now has a vacancy for a Strategic Account Manager with a remit of Contract Cleaning and Healthcare accounts.

We are looking for someone who has a strong sales background, and from within the contract cleaning and healthcare industries would be ideal. Man-management experience and strong negotiation skills are a must-have.

Reporting to the Sales Director, the principal responsibilities of this role include:

- The development and creation of new accounts to fulfil our contract cleaning and healthcare strategy.
- Making proposals based upon full P&L analysis and in line with Group pricing strategy.
- Proactively seeking, establishing and maintaining client relationships within the specified segments.
- Providing pre and post-sales support to clients including demonstrations, quotations, installations, operator training etc.
- Achieving sales growth and customer satisfaction through close co-operation with marketing, operations and customer service
- Participating in Company processes e.g. administrative procedures, attending sales meetings, planned training sessions etc.

This role has a national remit and so candidates who are based fairly centrally would be preferred.

If this role sounds like a match to your skills and experience, please submit your CV in reply along with salary expectations to clare.smeaton@nilfisk.com


Immediate vacancies: experienced Sales Representative and a Field Service Engineer 

Competitive salaries + generous bonus package - laptop, mobile phone, superior van, fuel card etc. 33 days holiday (including bank holidays)

About LVC: Established 1995 we are the 'one stop shop' for industrial and commercial cleaning machines, covering the South East & East of the UK with a strong presence in London. We constantly research new technology and are at the sharp end of the latest innovations. Working closely with a wide range of trusted manufacturers make it possible for us to deliver bespoke solutions for all our clients cleaning needs. We offer our customers the skill of our engineers who can repair and carry out maintenance on all types of cleaning machines. You will be welcomed in to a fast growing, friendly company.

Sales Representative General Summary: To achieve maximum sales profitability, growth and account acquisition within assigned territory by effectively selling the company's products and related services. Personal contacts and willingness to secure new business accounts.

Field Service Engineer General summary: We are looking for a Field based Service Engineer with a solid background in service and maintenance of industrial/commercial cleaning equipment who are organised and a good communicator. Our customers are advised on best practice on prolonging the life of their equipment and trust engineers to assess/quote and repair with maximum efficiency. If you live in the South or South East counties it would be beneficial but candidates from all areas are welcome to apply.

Field Sales Executive South London

Excellent basic salary plus multiple bonus opportunities. 
Also includes Laptop, iPad, mobile phone, quality company car and home office set up.

About Avica

We are looking for a professional Field Sales Executive to become part of an exciting and entrepreneurial business. We are a janitorial supplier who offers washroom and paper supplies to many types of businesses. Our 'Fast, Friendly and Reliable' work ethic has helped to put us at the forefront of our industry. Originally established in 1991, we joined the Jangro buying network in 1996 and have a proven track record of success. Our outstanding all round customer relations and next day delivery service means that our organisation provides the right products at the right price, delivered to our customers when they need them.

The Field Sales Executive Opportunity:

The Field Sales Executive will be responsible for selling our range of janitorial, catering and medical supplies into various industry sectors throughout the South London area. The successful Field Sales Executive will have the ability to develop new business whilst also managing and growing existing accounts. They will need to be a highly motivated, expert territory manager.




£neg + commission + phone + car mileage

For a family-run commercial cleaning company (established over 50 years) based in South Manchester to manage contracts in Manchester Centre & South Manchester. Minimum 40 hours per week + some extra weekend work when required. Commission paid on new business.

This is very much a hands on position and applicants must be experienced, enthusiastic, and proactive.

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone with ambition and the drive and self motivation to help build up the business, as a Directorship and more is possible.

Salary dependent on experience. Must have full driving licence. 

Apply with full CV to: professional.cleaning60@gmail.com


Regional Sales Manager - Midlands

Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment
Salary: 25-35K (depending on experience) + Commission, phone, laptop

We are a fast-growing family-run company specialising in the sales, service and hire of industrial battery powered floor cleaning & preparation equipment. Elan is the sole UK distributor for the high-end Factory Cat brand which is manufactured in the USA.

The successful applicant will be responsible for managing & developing new business, increasing the distributor network and direct sales. The candidate must be "hands on", self-motivated with experience in the industry, and have the ability to demonstrate large floor cleaning equipment to a range of commercial and industrial customers.

The candidate would be working from home and be expected be on the road developing their own customer relationships and sales, reporting to the managing director and spending two days a month at the head office in Eastleigh, Hants. The individual will be expected to self-motivate to achieve their goals, however with the full support from management and colleagues.

Applicants should apply with CV to info@elansalesltd.co.uk or call 02380 617129 and ask for Dean Smith

Vacancy: Regional Sales Manager – Machine Sales
OTE £35-50K

Due to significant UK growth, OspreyDeepclean one of the world’s leading suppliers of dry steam technology - requires a new Regional Sales Manager to cover the South East and Greater London area.  The successful applicant will be responsible for managing & developing new business through Distributors, Key Accounts and direct sales.  

Reporting directly to the Chairman, the ideal candidate must be from a sales background and be able to work well within an existing sales force. Needless to say, the successful candidate will be especially practised in man management and also possess excellent negotiating skills.  He/she must be self-motivated, with a desire to exploit a wide variety of sales opportunities and be keen to respond to a challenge.

OspreyDeepclean is a well-established brand name in every sector, but especially in Healthcare, Food Processing & Manufacturing and the Hotel and Catering trades so any prior experience within these sectors will be an advantage.

OspreyDeepclean is part of the OspreyFrank PLC group of companies.

Applicants should write to thomas@ospreydc.com including their CV and indicate “Regional Sales Manager” in the subject line.

Site Manager - Nights - Permanent
Central London

The position is for a night time manager overseeing the performance of 2 teams of operatives on separate sites with supervisory support. He/she will be responsible at times for recruitment, induction training, ensuring adherence to the Trusts Policies including infection control, security and health and safety.

Good customer service skills are essential as is the ability to accurately monitor and appraise staff performance. We are seeking a practical person, self-motivated and able to work without supervision.


• Holder of a Diploma in Management Studies, or other similar relevant management qualification. • At least three years' experience of cleaning management in a busy healthcare environment. • Ability to communicate effectively with all disciplines of a large complex organisation. • Wide knowledge of cleaning methods, materials and equipment and laundry operations, specifically in respect of healthcare environments. • Clean UK Driver's License


• Holder of the BICS Cleaning Operative Proficiency Certificate in at least five modules, or equivalent.

In the first instance please forward your C.V. by email to Rob Herran, H.R. Manager, at admin@ckgroupservices.com

Cleaning Operatives - Central London

We're always looking for new cleaners to join one of our London teams. Experience is essential. Please note that due to industry standards we make DBS checks on all new members of staff. Download the Application form here

Please send your completed copy to Rob Herran at admin@ckgroupservices.com. Post: City and Kent Cleaning Limited, 31 Metro Centre, Kangley Bridge Road, Lower Sydenham, London SE26 5BW


Northern Sales Representative

£25 - 35K + commission subject to experience

The role covers a territory extending from Milton Keynes to Scotland.

The activities of the successful candidate will involve management of regional venues associated to the "management" accounting for circa 40% of time available. The balance of the time will be relating to the prospecting, award and management of new customers that would make up the individual's personal customer portfolio.

The role is home-based , however the use of any and all company facilities are available for the candidate to use as required. It is expected that the individual will spend approx. 3 to 4 days per week on the road developing their customer relationships and sales pipeline. Sales and Margin targets will be determined from the outset, whereby the individual will be expected to self motivate to achieve their goals, however with the full support and direction from management and colleagues. Additional product training will be available with ongoing live support where required.

About us:

The Supplies House is a national distributor of cleaning consumables supplying the contract cleaning and direct to venue cleaning market. The business is based in central London with a regional warehouse facility near Derby and a customer service office in Leyland, Lancashire.


Venue Cleaning Director

Permanent Role Full Time
£50-55,000 pro rata
Wembley Stadium

Cleanevent Group is a market leader in providing total or single facilities management services and specialised support services to businesses in the UK and France.

Our clients look to Cleanevent Group for a flexible, consistent and quality service. With over 12 years of experience and knowledge this allows us to provide customised facility solutions to sites of all sizes.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, experienced Venue Cleaning Director to work at one of London's most iconic venues, Wembley Stadium . Reporting to an Operations Manager this role is responsible for planning, scheduling, and managing all aspects of a venue. It involves the profitable management of Cleanevent Group's cleaning contract for the venue, establishing and maintaining an excellent relationship with the client, and managing and motivating the staff and labour force.

Sales Executive - Contract Cleaning

An opportunity exists for an ambitious Sales Executive to join a high growth contract cleaning business to cover primarily the London and Home Counties region and based from their offices in North London.

Minimum Sales Executive Requirements:
Experience of working within a Sales Executive role at a contract cleaning company would be useful. 
Demonstrate proven experience and success of self-lead generation and appointment making
Full contract and sales negotiation experience• Thrive on meeting and exceeding financial targets• Previous experience of working in a field sales led position

The candidate for the Sales Executive role will be working at a Cleaning Contract Company covering the London and Home Counties territory.
The main purpose of the role will be to generate new sales via lead generation and contact new potential customers to give opportunity for meetings and ultimately bid for new contracts, whilst consistently aiming to hit and exceed targets.

The Sales Executive will also be responsible for:

Selling cleaning contracts into commercial organisations• Provide customer solutions and develop relationships to a variety of clients 
Skilled in communicating with clients up to board level
Identifying new leads and opportunities to work on and build pipeline from
Negotiating and closing single and multi-site contracts
Responsible for all stages of the sales process, from cold calling to negotiating and closing the sale

With a business culture of support, development and success, there really is no reason why you should not achieve all goals.  You will have the ability to work to your own diary and control your own leads/sales.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work for a high growth organisation who are respected and recognised in the industry as one of the leaders in their field, as well as offering excellent opportunities to progress and develop a career for a competitive salary of £30,000 with OTE of £45k-£55k a year plus company car and laptop, with very realistic targets.

CVs to: admin@apollogroup.co.uk


Cleaning Services
Cleaning Area Manager 
Stafford and surrounding area


Following the expansion of our business we are looking for a motivated area management professional to join our cleaning services team

Working as part of a professional team you will be responsible for supporting the delivery of our service through frontline cleaning personnel whilst managing your own portfolio of accounts. 

With a demonstrated ability to use your initiative to make decisions, commercial and financial acumen, organisational and relationship management experience you will be given training and skills to develop a career in the fast paced facility services sector. Whilst not essential, experience in the cleaning market would be an advantage.

A competitive salary and the opportunity to develop your career in a people and service based organisation is on offer for the right applicant.

For an informal discussion please contact Chris Worley, Business Manager (Operational) on 07773 792201 (Mon – Fri, 9-5)

To apply for this post please go to www.wmjobs.co.uk and search for ESS000257

Closing date: Sunday 9th February 2014 at midnight

Please note only application forms completed online will be accepted. We will not accept CVs or Word Application Forms.




National Account Director

Vileda Professional is the leading global solutions provider of innovative quality cleaning systems for the Professional user. We generate value for our customers by providing maximum contamination control, reduced total cost in use, best in class ergonomics, higher sustainability and increased pride and motivation of cleaning personnel.

Our UK business is seeking an exceptionally talented individual for the position of National Account Director. Reporting to the Commercial Director this person will assume responsibility for the management and development of our National Account team as well as managing the company's largest national accounts. Developing with the National Account team clear plans to achieve the company's ambitious growth objectives.


Turner Facilities Management Ltd, a privately owned company based in Glasgow, works in partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) in support of numerous MoD Contracts.  They also provide easily accessible support services to NHS Trusts and Commercial Companies that can be relied on, letting our customers focus on their core business activities.  

Cleaning Services Manager  


An opportunity has arisen for a Cleaning Services Manager based at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire. This role would be ideally suited to someone who has credible experience in building effective relationships with customers and managing small teams of operational staff. 

The ideal candidate will be based locally and be able to drive. A flexible approach and attention to detail, coupled with good communication and organisational capability are key to this role. 

This position is site based, hours of work are 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, 37.5 hours per week. Candidates must be able to secure MOD clearance through vetting processes. BICSc and IOSH qualifications would be advantageous but training can be provided. 

Please apply with CV and covering letter, by Friday 18th October, to denise.hanson@turnerfm.co.uk

£28,000 OTE + uncapped commission

An opportunity exists for an ambitious Sales Executive to join a high growth contract cleaning business to cover primarily the London and Home Counties region and based from their offices in North London.

Minimum Sales Executive Requirements:

Experience of working within a Sales Executive role at a contract cleaning company would be useful 
Demonstrate proven experience and success of self-lead generation and appointment making
Full contract and sales negotiation experience
Thrive on meeting and exceeding financial targets
Previous experience of working in a field sales led position

The candidate for the Sales Executive role will be working at a Cleaning Contract Company covering the London and Home Counties territory.
The main purpose of the role will be to generate new sales via lead generation and contact new potential customers to give opportunity for meetings and ultimately bid for new contracts, whilst consistently aiming to hit and exceed targets.

The Sales Executive will also be responsible for:

Selling cleaning contracts into commercial organisations
Provide customer solutions and develop relationships to a variety of clients 
Skilled in communicating with clients up to board level
Identifying new leads and opportunities to work on and build pipeline from
Negotiating and closing single and multi-site contracts
Responsible for all stages of the sales process, from cold calling to negotiating and closing the sale

With a business culture of support, development and success, there really is no reason why you should not achieve all goals.  You will have the ability to work to your own diary and control your own leads/sales.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work for a high growth organisation who are respected and recognised in the industry as one of the leaders in their field, as well as offering excellent opportunities to progress and develop a career for a competitive salary of £28,000 OTE a year plus company car and laptop, plus the opportunity to earn an uncapped commission with very realistic targets.

CVs to: admin@apollogroup.co.uk


Window & Carpet Cleaners

Salary range between £18,000 & £22,000

Experienced window and carpet cleaners required to clean commercial properties. Work will involve some travelling and some overnight stays for which an allowance will be paid.

Applicants must be experienced in either carpet cleaning (various methods) or conventional window cleaning and Reach & Wash methods. IPAF and PASMA certification preferred for window cleaning but not essential. Full clean driving licence required. 

Work would be based upon a 5 day out of 7 day basis and 45hrs per week. A CRB check will be required.

These are permanent positions with a three month probation period. Salary range between £18,000 & £22,000 dependent upon experience.

Apply to: stevekenton@designclean.uk.com

Business Development Manager
London - City, West End and South East
up to £35k + OTE + benefits

A well established office cleaning company based in South East London and operating in the City and West End is seeking to grow its business and is looking for a Business Development Manager to join its team.

As Business Development Manager you will be responsible for generating new business through following up on leads and approaching potential new clients; you will represent the company at client meetings; and you will produce quotations.  You will also have the opportunity to grow the role and get involved in the operational side of the business.

The ideal candidate will be a contract cleaning sales specialist with a proven track record.  You will be a self starter with experience in the operations side of the business or a willingness to learn. 

This is an excellent opportunity for the right person who wants to progress through the Company.

Please send your CV and covering letter to services@fp-services.co.uk


Cleaning Services

Assistant Operational Manager
Burton on Trent and surrounding area
£20,858 Per annum
37.5 hours per week*


We are seeking a forward thinking individual who is able to contribute to our first class business.

Working as part of a professional team, as well as on your own initiative you will be responsible for supporting the delivery of our service through the frontline cleaning personnel.

With knowledge and experience of the cleaning industry you will be required to have a proven track record in leadership together with an ability to manage and control performance within a fast paced working environment.  Planning and organisational skills are essential.

For a general overview of the post please go to: 


For an informal discussion please contact Kieran Bevan, Operational Manager on 07773 792215 (Mon - Fri, 9-5)

*Hours are reviewed on an annual basis and are subject to client retention.

To apply for the post please go to www.wmjobs.co.uk and search for ENT/AOM

Closing date: 25th June 2013

Entrust  is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people/vulnerable adults and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. This position is subject to a criminal records check from the Disclosure & Barring Service (formerly CRB) which will require you to disclose all criminal convictions.

Great Western Hospital - Swindon

Salary - Up to £22,000

Assistant Housekeeping Manager

Carillion Facilities Management is one of the UK's market leaders in FM, with in excess of 13,000 employees. We work with both public and private sector customers. We are the largest service provider to the Defence sector, a major provider to the NHS, financial services, media and technology sectors.

To support our services to the NHS, a unique opportunity has arisen within our Facilities Management department located in Swindon for Assistant Housekeeping Manager.

Based at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon and reporting to the Housekeeping Services Manager, you will have a key role in the performance and development of the Housekeeping Team Leaders, ensuring a clean, healthy and safe environment for patients, visitors and staff. 

In this is a fast paced energetic role, you will be responsible for the planning of Staff Rotas, Holidays, Sickness, Performance Management, Stock Levels and Reporting. You will be supported by HR on issues such as Employee Relations and Payroll. A team of 8 supervisors report directly to you, with a wider responsibility for around 200 housekeeping staff deployed on the wards.more


UK Target Account Manager

Due to expanding UK strategic plans, Nilfisk Advance 'the number one provider of capital cleaning equipment' have a new vacancy for a UK Target Account Manager. This role is home/UK based, supported with UK office sites.

The role is created to allow Nilfisk to further target niche sales routes to market, and maximise sales and service revenues across new strategic clients. We are seeking a professional proven sales person who relishes a challenge and wants to be part of a successful organisation for the long term. Ideally areas of previous sales experience should include elements of Hotel/Leisure/Industry catalogues but, whilst this list is not exhaustive, the new role will need 'out of the box thinking'.

Nilfisk will reward the correct candidate with an OTE earning package accordingly.Applicants should email their CV together with a covering letter, including details of current earnings to clare.smeaton@nilfisk.com 

Area Sales Manager 

Machine Sales South West
£ competitive salary package

Successful applicants will join a highly successful and innovative company within the cleaning industry & will benefit from a good salary, commission, car, laptop and mobile phone. The company has ambitious plans for the future and has recently launched a complete new range of novel technology.

Candidates should have a strong sales background in the cleaning industry; experience of selling into the food, healthcare, industrial or FM sectors would be an advantage. The successful applicant will be responsible for managing and developing new business through distributors, key accounts and direct sales.

They must be self-motivated, with a desire to exploit a wide variety of sales opportunities and will be keen to respond to a challenge.

Applicants should write with CV (indicating Area Sales Manager in the subject line) to: Thomas@ospreydc.com

UK Sales Manager 
£50k+ OTE plus excellent benefits

Truvox International Limited, a premium UK manufacturer of floor care equipment machines, now seeks an experienced Sales Manager to lead our team of National and Regional sales Managers, and further grow our business throughout the UK and Ireland.

We are seeking a dynamic individual, ready for the next move in their career, capable of initiating and leading change in a tough and challenging marketplace.

You will have a successful background in a structured sales environment, ideally in the cleaning industry, as well as  a proven record of national and key account development.

In additional to leading our UK team you will both develop end manage a portfolio of accounts including national cleaning contractors, facilities management companies and major UK janitorial and cleaning equipment distributors.

The rewards for this demanding and high profile role include an excellent basic salary with exceptional on target earnings potential, quality company car, pension, healthcare, and other benefits associated with working for a leading manufacturer.

Applicants should email their current CV, together with a covering letter, including details of current earnings to recruitment@truvox.com or by post to: Truvox International LimitedThird Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton, SO15 0LE

Victor, a leading UK brand in the design and manufacture of cleaning machinery is looking to recruit two experienced Area Account Managers. 

The role will incorporate developing new business and managing current accounts across an agreed territory, one position in the north and one in the south of England. We are looking for self-starters who will proactively look to develop the business in their area.

Victor are at the forefront of design and innovation, evolving its range of cleaning machines to meet its customers ever changing requirements. A number of new product launches are planned for 2013 making this an exciting time to join the Victor brand.

About you, a background in floor care would be an advantage, a confident presenter and a proven track record in sales development is essential.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter by email to hr@victorfloorcare.com


Dowding & Plummer Ltd, Midlands based manufacturers of the Victor range of floor maintenance equipment, have the following vacancy:

Head of UK Sales

The role involves developing both new and existing business and selling into a well established marketplace through various channels of distribution. Strong interpersonal skills are required and previous experience in the cleaning industry will be a distinct advantage.   

Candidates will need to be able to demonstrate experience as follows:

* Proven track record in Sales to distributors and end users

* Board level presentational skills

* Ability to open and close business from initial cold call to presentation

* Must be comfortable working for an SME where you will have the flexibility to devise and implement strategy whilst being prepared to take on a wide range of activities

* Ability to manage and develop an external sales team and internal sales & Marketing support function

Candidates must be eligible to work and live in the UK. 

The position offers a competitive salary (and incentive package including fully expensed Company Vehicle).

Please apply by email attaching your C.V. and current salary details to:


No agencies please


Business Development Manager 
c. £38k p.a. + commission package to be negotiated + Company Car, Phone and Laptop 

CK Group was born out of the successful City & Kent healthcare cleaning company established two generations ago to service major London hospitals. Pioneering and early adoption and of the latest cutting edge Infection Control products and practices helped grow the company, which in addition now provides specialist Deep Cleaning services to a large number of healthcare establishments and a major supplier of equipment and cleaning consumables to both healthcare and non-health related customers across the country.

In order to drive the Group forward we now require a Business Development Manager who will possess the following attributes and experience:

Experience of working within a Business Development Manager role at a contract Cleaning Company.

Able to demonstrate proven experience and success of self lead generation and appointment making

Full contract and sales negotiation experience

Thrive on meeting and exceeding financial targets

Previous experience of working a field led position



Cleaning Operations Manager

c. £30k p.a. + company car, phone, laptop

We are currently looking to recruit a Cleaning Operations Manager to lead our cleaning teams. 

Key responsibilities: 

* Manage our cleaning Site Managers and Supervisors to deliver a high quality cleaning and specialist operation across multiple sites, including healthcare, office, education and Third Sector businesses. 

* Manage and control the site cleaning services to the agreed specification, quality and service standard required by all contracts, measured by both qualitative and financial targets. more




South East England
£35,000 + commission 

Brayborne Cleaning Services Limited, a well established and highly regarded  commercial contract cleaning company with over 25 years experience in the industry are looking for a Business Development Manager to drive forward growth throughout the South East.

We are looking to appoint the right person who will deliver a stream of new opportunities and explore and develop these leads to the point of close.

Candidates should possess the following attributes:

* Enthusiastic and extremely driven

* Ability to build a strong pipeline of new business

* Excellent presentation and communication skills

* Proven track record of success in cleaning or associated services industry.

* Fast learning, true team player

* Good IT Skills

In return, we offer a competitive remuneration package.

Please email your CV to chris.freshwater@brayborne.co.uk


Assistant Operational Manager

£20,858 to £23,708 pro rata per annum
Essential car user allowance

Part time/ Permanent - 30 hours per week 

An exciting opportunity has arisen within Cleaning Services to work as one of our Assistant Operational Managers covering Stafford and some of the surrounding area.

With experience in leadership and knowledge of the cleaning industry, you will support service delivery by managing frontline staff and work with your Operational Manager on the day to day management of the service. 

Working as part of a professional team you will have excellent communication skills, a positive attitude and crucially, the ability to plan, organise, control, monitor and review the service provision. 

The successful candidate will join our award wining team and have the opportunity to make a difference!  Not only that we will provide you with great training and support.

Some early mornings and late evenings will be required, however we operate flexible working policies.

To find out more and to make an application visit jobs.scchost.org.uk/cleaning 

Closing Date: Sunday 2nd December 2012

Interviews: Week commencing 10th December 2012

This Authority is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people/vulnerable adults and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

This position is subject to a "disclosure" check under the "Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974". This will involve an enhanced CRB check.  Further details regarding this check and Staffordshire County Council's employment policy will be found within the application pack.

The European operation of an American company, with headquarters in Switzerland, specialising in hygiene articles for collective washrooms and laundries, is looking for an :

Area Sales Manager (M/F) for UK, Scandinavia, Australia

Your Job

* acquisition of new local and international customers (B2B)

* organisation of activities from first contact, preparing offers, to conclusion of contracts

* international liaison and support of existing clients

* customer training and presentations

Your Profile

* self-confident and convincing personality with focus on targets

* open, positive and friendly manner

* flexible with professional work attitude

* excellent communication skills 

* professional experience of at least five years in the laundryand/or hygiene business

* technical and commercial competence

* knowledge of French a bonus

* willing to travel by car throughout the UK (around 80%)

* computer literate for budgets and reporting


peek logo.jpg
UK Sales Manager Designate

Tri-Peek International, maker of Peek polish is looking for an independent sales agent calling on distributors in the Janitorial/Food Service/Catering industry who can open up new accounts and grow business within existing accounts.

This would be a commission-only position but for the right person could lead to the senior sales managerial role in the UK with an overriding commission that includes a percentage all UK sales in the above sectors.

The current sales agent commission rate would be between 10% and 15%. Tri-Peek has been around for over 20 years, is a holder of the Royal Warrant with offices in Canada, USA and New Zealand. Applicants must have experience working with distributors and selling consumables.

Reply via email only to: robert@tri-peek.com


UK Regional Account Manager (South)

Truvox International Limited is the international arm of the Commercial Floorcare Division of the US based Tacony Corporation; Tacony is a privately held family business active in four strategic business areas, employing over 650 people, with world-wide sales in excess of $200 million.

We are now seeking a Regional Account Manager to cover key markets in the South.

Reporting to the UK Field Sales Manager, the successful applicant will have to demonstrate the ability to work on his or her own initiative, and to represent the company to both existing and potential customers in these key markets.  

The role of the Regional Account Manager (RAM) is to deliver planned revenue, volume and profitability targets through the management of a portfolio of accounts operating within various trade sectors. Managing existing accounts and developing new business in various markets including Contract Cleaners, Healthcare and Local Authorities. more




National Sales Role into Healthcare, FM Companies and Cleaning Contractor market.
Base Salary DOE + Bonus + Car + Expenses

TTS Tecno Trolley System srl - a world leading manufacturer of Professional cleaning products - is currently searching for a UK based National Sales & Business Development Manager. 

This exciting new position will be responsible for achieving national sales goals each year by expanding our network of distributors and by targeting end users to get the products specified for use. 

The role involves responsibility for winning new business as well as developing and retaining an existing client base. You will need to be highly self motivated and able to work on your own initiative.

Ideally residing in or around the London area or Home Counties, you will possess a good sales background, ideally within the cleaning market and the ability to communicate at all levels. To develop sales in NHS and Private Healthcare, major cleaning contractors and leading FM companies, through distributors and strategic final users.

The role will require frequent travel and a considerable amount of time away from home.

The successful candidate will receive comprehensive training at our Head Office in Italy.more


Regional Account Manager
OTE potential £45K+, company vehicle, pension, healthcare, plus other benefits 

Truvox International Limited is the international arm of the Commercial Floorcare Division of the US based Tacony Corporation; Tacony is a privately held family business active in four strategic business areas, employing over 650 people, with world-wide sales in excess of $200 million. 

We are now seeking a Regional Account Manager to cover key markets in the Midlands.

Reporting to the UK Field Sales Manager, the successful applicant will have to demonstrate the ability to work on his or her own initiative, and to represent the company to both existing and potential customers in these key markets.  

The role of the Regional Account Manager (RAM) is to deliver planned revenue, volume and profitability targets through the management of a portfolio of accounts operating within various trade sectors.  Managing existing accounts and developing new business in various markets including Contract Cleaners, Healthcare and Local Authorities.

The RAM will identify and win new direct and indirect business within the RAM's designated region, working closely with National Accounts and colleagues in Marketing in order to drive the Truvox business forward.

Previous experience in a similar role is essential as well as account management of various customers including distributors and end-users. 

This is a full time, permanent position. The rewards for this demanding role include a competitive basic salary and commission, giving an OTE potential in excess of £45K, company vehicle, pension, healthcare plus other benefits associated with working for a leading manufacturer.

Are you interested? Well, if you have the energy and drive to rise to this exciting challenge, then please email your CV together with a covering letter to Ricky Smith - UK Field Sales Manager, email: recruitment@truvox.com

Closing date: 30th July 2012




Account Manager
Base salary £22,500 to £27,500 depending on experience
Uncapped commission - realistic OTE £30k - £35k
The position is based in the Midlands 

The Supplies House is looking for an experienced Account Manager to help develop and manage increasing business.  Experience in janitorial and cleaning industries is required, and managing medium and large contract cleaning company accounts preferred. This role includes developing new business and managing existing accounts.

The Supplies House is a janitorial supplier to some of the UK's biggest contract cleaners, and offers much more than a comprehensive range of competitive cleaning products and paper consumables. Its added services, such as solving cleaning problems, constant innovation, health and safety advice, training, and dispenser fitting, are all designed to help their clients be competitive and successful; which in turn aids the sales efforts. The company has recently won major contracts into one of the largest contract cleaning companies and a major UK sporting event this summer.

If interested, send a CV with a covering letter to Carl Chapman: carlchapman@supplieshouse.com



CKG Consumables.jpg
Sales Account Manager
South London
OTE £27K  

The Role

CK Group is looking for a Sales Account manager to join their growing cleaning consumables sales business based in South London.

The Sales Account Manager will be responsible for delivering new business in line with agreed sales targets in London and the Home Counties. The successful candidate will be responsible for all client communications, ensuring the Group's quality standards and client expectations are met.

He/she will be responsible for consumables price quotations and ensuring all processes and procedures are completed to both client and company satisfaction.

RJN recruitment advert-P4P.jpg



National Hygiene Business Development Manager

National England and Wales

Circa £30k plus commission, plus car, plus expenses

Ramon Hygiene Products is an established supplier of cleaning products to both the Retail and Professional Markets. This role will offer a great opportunity to a professional salesperson to develop National Accounts in the Janitorial and Hygiene sectors and develop sales in the growing healthcare and HORECA markets through our existing base of Distributors. Ideally residing in the Midlands area, you should have a good sales background and the ability to communicate at all levels. You must possess a proven ability to develop and maintain good customer relationships and to communicate well at all levels.


To obtain and grow sales from both an established customer base and develop new sales and deliver training across the Healthcare, Cleaning Contractors, Hygiene and Janitorial Markets.



National Hygiene Business Development Manager

National England and Wales

Circa £30k plus commission, plus car, plus expenses

Ramon Hygiene Products is an established supplier of cleaning products to both the Retail and Professional Markets. This role will offer a great opportunity to a professional salesperson to develop National Accounts in the Janitorial and Hygiene sectors and develop sales in the growing healthcare and HORECA markets through our existing base of Distributors. Ideally residing in the Midlands area, you should have a good sales background and the ability to communicate at all levels. You must possess a proven ability to develop and maintain good customer relationships and to communicate well at all levels.


To obtain and grow sales from both an established customer base and develop new sales and deliver training across the Healthcare, Cleaning Contractors, Hygiene and Janitorial Markets.

Key Responsibilities and Skills

* Day to day management and development of an existing customer base and prospective customers

* Developing and obtaining sales to Healthcare, Contract Cleaning and Janitorial sectors

* Complete sales management - from initial contact through to order completion and after sales service including training.

* Ability to generate appointments and sales opportunities with prospective customer base.

* Proven skills to demonstrate products and provide full training to staff as needed.

Knowledge and Experience

* Ideally have established contacts and significant experience in the Healthcare, Cleaning and Hygiene/Janitorial sectors

* Demonstrable evidence of delivering sales growth 

* Excellent knowledge and understanding of cleaning market and products

* Ability to work on own initiative and self motivate

* Excellent business acumen, keen business analysis skills 

* Excellent verbal and written communication, presentation skills and relationship management

* Strong attention to detail 

Please apply by forwarding a letter explaining why you feel you are right for this position, along with a copy of your CV to Simon Baldock, Sales Director sbaldock@ramonhygiene.co.uk 



Business Development Manager
Office Cleaning, West Midlands

OTE £47K + Car Allowance

Established in 1993 ServiceMaster Clean, West Midland’s premier provider of office and contract cleaning services is seeking an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, ethical and motivated BDM for its West Midlands territory. The role will involve all aspects of the sales process from lead generation to job costing and presentation of the final solution to the prospective customer. The position is based at Diddington Farmhouse, our stunning midlands Head Office.

This role offers an excellent opportunity to progress your career within a company that values its staff as highly as it values its clients.


Operations Manager (Cleaning and Facility Services) - Momentum Support 

£40K salary, Car, Bonus

Established in 1982 Momentum Support, Ireland's premier provider of cleaning and related services is seeking an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, ethical and motivated cleaning services manager for its London and South East operations. The role will involve all aspects of contract management from service design and mobilisation to performance management and on-going client liaison / retention. The position offers an excellent opportunity to progress your career within a company that values its staff as highly as it values its clients.more


B-Skill Learning Assessors

The opportunity exists for a challenging and rewarding career in an exciting industry and in a company which is making significant contribution to the training and development of people. Due to our continuing expansion we are currently looking to recruit Work Based Learning Assessors in Cleaning and Support Services in the following areas;

North East


West Midlands

You will provide flexible support to learners in the workplace to ensure achievement of qualifications in accordance with agreed targets. Proven industry experience is essential as you will be responsible for providing a first class assessor service in cleaning and support services. You must hold your A1 Assessor Award. You must have access to a vehicle and be prepared to travel.

Salary- Basic - £16,000 + £70 per timely completion plus Benefits

Please contact Emma Storey, HR Officer for more information on 0191 230 6690 or alternatively send a copy of your CV to emma.storey@b-skill.co.uk


Sales Executive

On target earnings of £45,000
London & The South East

We are the largest independent graffiti removal company in the UK and specialise in graffiti removal, train care, infrastructure maintenance and refurbishment.

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 in addition to Construction line, Link-up, CHAS and Exor.

We are looking for a highly motivated sales professional, with previous experience of selling within the cleaning industry being essential.  

The ideal candidate will have a proven successful sales background and will be required to target business opportunities with cold and warm calling of potential clients.

As a highly self-motivated, results driven sales person you will be used to dealing with customers face to face and on the phone on a daily basis.  Being a natural rapport builder who is capable of communicating with people at all levels and in all kinds of environments is essential. You will have excellent organisational skills, be self-motivated, reliable and above all thrive in a sales targeted environment.  A full clean driving licence is essential as you will be required to travel to meet your clients.

We are offering a basic salary and a generous commission package with target earnings of £45,000.

Applications with CV to: Sarah.Parkes@graffiti-solutions.co.uk

Or by post to: 

MPM Graffiti Solutions
Unit 3, Riverside Business Centre
Brighton Road
Shoreham By Sea
West Sussex
BN43 6RE



Centrego Ltd is a fast expanding company marketing a range of technology based products for disinfection and cleaning. Our Toucan Eco (www.toucan-eco.com) device has gained world-wide recognition and strong sales since its award winning launch at The Cleaning Show in March. We now want to expand our sales presence in the UK.

Based in the South of England the job will involve building sales of Toucan Eco through distributors and direct to major accounts in the Cleaning, Catering, Healthcare and Health & Safety industries.

The candidate will have a successful, proven, track record in selling substantial quantities of mid priced equipment to these or similar markets across the UK. They will be ambitious and motivated to grow with the company with a future European-wide role a possibility.

We offer a good basic salary c. £22K, excellent commission - OTE c. £65K, company car, expenses, and Blackberry smart phone.

Please send your full CV, evidence of achieving sales targets, and a covering letter explaining why you are the best candidate for this job to:

The Managing Director, Centrego Ltd, The Coach House, Newbury, Mells, Frome, Somerset, BA11 3RG. Or via email to: robin.turner@centregoltd.com 



Area Sales Manager

North East of England or Scotland

Vikan are market leaders in the manufacturing of high quality, food grade cleaning equipment and microfibre systems into the UK market. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest standard of customer service, both to distributor's and end users.  Due to expansion, we are creating an excellent opportunity for an individual to join our team, working for a global company whose name is synonymous with high quality.

We are seeking a highly motivated sales professional, ideally located in the North East of England or Scotland. Previous field sales experience is essential and knowledge of the food and healthcare industries would be a distinct advantage.  More importantly, you must be able to demonstrate a proven record of success, be a proactive self starter, with a high customer service ethic.  

A key focus of the role will be identifying new business opportunities along with the development of our existing distributor network. A consultative and conceptual selling approach will aid your success which will be driven through your strong relationships with customers as you add real value to their business.

In return we offer an excellent package to include a competitive salary, plus target based bonus scheme, company car and all the benefits associated with a successful market leader.

Please send your application along with an up to date CV to:


Michelle Bennett Vikan UK 1-3 Avro Gate Broadmoor Road Swindon SN3 4AG

No Agencies Please


Truvox International Limited a is successful international organisation with a global distribution network.  As part of Tacony Corporation, as privately owned US company with annual turnover around $200 million, we offer our commercial floorcare brands throughout the world. We currently market and sell in over 60 countries throughout Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle & Far East, and Australasia.

We require a further European Sales Manager (ESM) to deliver planned revenue, volume and profitability targets through the management of a portfolio of accounts operating within various trade sectors. This role requires the successful candidate to speak at least two European languages, ideally one of German, Spanish or French.


* Effectively manage a portfolio of accounts within a defined geographical region.

* Co-operate with colleagues in all departments to ensure effective delivery of appropriate sales support.

* Build strong commercial relationships with all internal and external contacts.


* A minimum 3 year's Territory / National Account Management experience, within a export role.

* The ability to build strong business relationships in different sales channels.

* The ability to work both on one's own initiative and also as part of the Truvox International Sales team.

* Readiness to travel within Europe for a reasonable proportion of the working year.

* A high degree of fluency in at least 1 European language, ideally German or Spanish, with reasonable fluency in at least 1 other.

* A reasonable degree of IT proficiency, including MS Office and Email.

Applications should be made via email with current CV to:

Gordon McVean - International Marketing & Sales Director

Email to: gordonmcvean@truvox.com


Sales people required in all areas

Rare opportunity to join a cleaning industry leader

Due to impressive growth plans there is an exciting opportunity to join Duplex Cleaning Machines winning sales team. Reporting directly to the Managing Director you will have responsibility for managing and building existing accounts in your area and increasing our customer base in our key growth sectors, whilst providing an excellent customer experience.

We seek a high calibre, enthusiastic and target driven individual with a proven track record who is looking to expand on a successful sales career. You will possess skills in building relationships, negotiating and influencing customer choices; in short you will be an excellent communicator at all levels and be fully commercially aware.


C£55,000 Plus car, bonus and excellent benefit package 

London Based

An experienced contract cleaning industry professional is sought to focus on a select number of London prestige accounts working in conjunction with one of our Operations Directors.

This is an excellent opportunity for the right individual with the key qualities needed for our business.

Apply with CV and covering letter to Mr Douglas Cooke, Chief Executive at Principle Cleaning Services Limited, Principle House, Units 6 & 7, The Campsbourne, London, N8 7PN.


C£45,000 Plus car, bonus, benefits 

London Based

We have continued to increase our portfolio of clients across London and are seeking an additional Senior Manager to head up a small team of Operation Managers.  You must have contract cleaning industry experience with the skills to communicate effectively and be a team player.

Excellent opportunities for further development in a growing organisation.

Apply with CV and covering letter to Ms Lilia Lamberto, Head of HR & Health and Safety Manager at Principle Cleaning Services Limited, Principle House, Units 6 & 7, The Campsbourne, London, N8 7PN.



London C £26 - 28,000

Greenwich based Cleaning and Support Services Company est. 1967. Providing customer focused delivery to the highest of standards.

Solid experience within the cleaning industry essential. You will be overseeing day to day management of multiple sites, mainly private sector business throughout London and some beyond. You will hold at least BICSc COPSc standard (Cleaning Operators Proficiency Scheme), Supervisor Course Assessor, and Assessors level and IOSH "Managing Safely" would be an advantage.

The successful candidate will be a committed individual joining our very friendly happy team in providing high quality services to all of our customers.

Salary dependant on experience. Please send CVs to:

Denise Mack
Superclean Services Ltd
8, Greenwich Centre Business Park
Norman Road
SE10 9QF

or email to: enquiries@superclean.co.uk 




Business Development Manager - Daily Cleaning
Salary £22,500 - £25,000. OTE £35,000 - £40,000
Car / Phone / laptop

An established company providing a 'single-source' supply of cleaning services, www.newlifecleaning.com wishes to recruit a motivated and industry experienced professional to develop our core D.O.C offering throughout the North and Midlands, specifically within the commercial and educational sectors.

You will be tasked with identifying opportunities within territory then developing the contact through the sales pipeline to closing the sale. Commercially astute and with a can-do attitude you must have the tenacity to deal with long sales cycles. Confident, able to present solutions at higher management levels with the ability to negotiate and close profitable sales to meet a defined gross profit target.

Please forward your CV to phil.dixon@newlifecleaning.com 


Sales Opportunity 
Southern UK
Uncapped earning potential 
with Laptop, Blackberry, Car

Bag Magic UK Ltd have enjoyed some unprecedented growth over the last year and are looking to recruit a field sales/account manager for the South of England.

The successful candidate will be responsible for selling our range of CHSA accredited bags to Janitorial Outlets, Wholesalers, Local Authorities, Buying and Procurement Consortiums.

A proven track record in a similar role is essential.

The ability to work on your own initiatve is essential, reporting directly to Head Office in Manchester.

The role is home / office based and split between Office, telemarketing, cold calls and customer presentations, effective reporting and ecord keeping is essential

Remuneration based on experience and an open ended commission is available to the right candidate.

Candidates should apply in the first instance with covering letter and CV FAO Garry Burton MBICSc Bagmagic@btconnect.com 


Rare opportunity to join a cleaning industry leader
uncapped earning potential
with Laptop, Blackberry, Car (people carrier)

Due to impressive growth plans there is an exciting opportunity to join Duplex Cleaning Machines winning sales team. Reporting directly to the Managing Director you will have responsibility for managing and building existing accounts in your area and increasing our customer base in our key growth sectors, whilst providing an excellent customer experience.

We seek a high calibre, enthusiastic and target driven individual with a proven track record who is looking to expand on a successful sales career. You will possess skills in building relationships, negotiating and influencing customer choices; in short you will be an excellent communicator at all levels and be fully commercially aware.

Salary negotiable with uncapped earning potential. Laptop, Blackberry, Car (people carrier).

Our products include cylindrical brush floor machines with steam (with unique UK specification), Steam cleaners, Escalator/Travelator cleaners, our own design and built Conveyors belt cleaners (Steambrush) and touch free hand sanitisers (Vapawash) both manufactured by Duplex in the UK.

The successful candidate will be based in Scotland and possess a full clean driving licence.

Please contact kevin.scott@duplex-cleaning.com with your CV.

See our main website and our two specialist sites for product and company details.

www.duplex-cleaning.com | www.vapawash.com | www.steambrush.com




circa £25k (OTE £35/40k) laptop and phone

Chemex International operates the world's largest franchised cleaning /hygiene sales and distribution system. Our future plans are expansive, leading to the recruitment of Company Owned van sales operatives.

This important role will be the model we use for our future franchised units across the UK, North America and Europe. The role is to build sales within a given territory and then help new franchisees learn the business.

We seek experienced salespeople with a level of technical ability in either Laundry or Dishwash systems. The successful applicants will operate from a company owned van (new) to deliver sales and product distribution to existing and prospective clients in the hospitality, care and leisure sectors.

Salary circa £25k (OTE £35/40k) laptop and phone provided.

CVs to michael.graham@chemexuk.com

Chemex are also actively seeking new franchise partners across the UK. Single van operatives can create £250k turnover on a £25k investment equalling excellent returns. For more details contact michael.wilson@chemexuk.com 


Sales Executives required
Midlands, North

Freshclean is possibly the fastest growing brand in the contract cleaning market and we require two exceptional sales people to take that brand to the next level throughout the Midlands and North England.

Our exeisting blue chip clients in the commercial sector include Mitie, Initial, OCS and ISS; we supply most of the UK's train operating companies, as well as retailers including Co-op, Asda and Tesco.

If you are interested in this exciting challenge and can demonstrate a proven track record in the industry, email your CV to me now:

The remuneration package will not be a problem for the successful candidates.

Mal Stevens
RJN Chemicals
Unit 6, The Ridgeway
Thorney Lane


Powder is the Solution

Business Development Manager
£25-28K (OTE £35K+)
car, phone, laptop, opportunity to have shares in the growing business.

We are a small privately owned company with a good reputation and a good strong client base in the London region and a strong customer focused service.

We have been growing in recent years and we are now in a position to continue this growth by recruiting an experienced Business Development Manager motivated individual to join our young but professional team.

We would offer an excellent package 25-28K plus car, phone, laptop and OTE £35K+ also an opportunity to have shares in the growing business.

Additional bonuses will be offered to the candidate that excels beyond sales targets.

The ideal candidate for this role will have the following skills and experience:

  • 2/3 years sales experience within janitorial/ cleaning industry a must
  • Motivated by delivering results and highly driven
  • Able to plan and execute a sales strategy by using business acumen
  • Experienced in managing the sales process from tender through to contract awards
  • You will be required to source, negotiate and present the company's bespoke contract cleaning and Support Service solutions

Ideally, you should have existing client contacts although it is not a prerequisite, If you have worked for a well known blue chip organisation in this sector where you have gained valuable training and experience, and are now seeking a new challenge, please send your detailed curriculum vitea to: carl.valente@ahsupportservices.co.uk

AH Support Services Limited
89 Carvers Croft, Woolmer Green, Knebworth, Hertfordshire SG3 6LX Tel: 01438814664


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BCC announces keynote environmental speaker at Conference 2011

The British Cleaning Council has announced that Dr. Peter Redfern of Nottingham Trent University will be addressing the BCC Conference 2011 on how businesses and other institutions can implement large-scale sustainability projects.

LCC adds £1m a month

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LCC Support Services, the UK national cleaning & support service contractor has been growing at the phenomenal rate of £1m for each of the last seven months.

Growth at The Facilities Show highlights industry optimism

The Facilities Show 2011, in association with the British Institute of Facilities Managers (BIFM), has once again demonstrated growth and diversity within the facilities management industry.

'Mission Green Clean'

Eco-Works, a biologicals company based in Bath, has released details of its new expanded range of green cleaning products that are suitable for environmentally conscious cleaning and facilities management companies.
Dubbed 'Mission Green Clean', this range of probiotic based cleaning products has been developed for all areas of daily office and industrial cleaning.

DSA saves £millions on facilities management

The UK Driving Standards Agency has signed a four year total facilities management contract with Interserve, the services, maintenance and building group, which will save it some £9m over the contract lifetime.

Annual recruitment survey finds return of war for talent and huge skills gaps in UK

Employers struggling to fill vacancies, are being inundated with unsuitable candidates, while talented individuals are staying put, concluding that the grass is greener on their own side of the fence in these volatile economic times. These are the top line findings from the annual Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Resourcing & Talent Planning survey, produced in partnership with Hays.

Living wages for London cleaners (or the Olympic city will be a filthy city)

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Sandy Aird, Managing Director of London based Enhance Office Cleaning, has hit out at the many employers who do not pay the City's cleaning staff a fair day's wage.

Special Offer! Need to find those high value cleaning and security contracts?

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If you're looking to "find" those high value cleaning and security contracts that are not publicly advertised, then you may want to grab this hefty 25% price discount on sales lead generation, being offered by one of the major players in the sector.

Tennant UK Cleaning Solutions celebrates opening of new Head Office

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Tennant UK Cleaning Solutions, part of Tennant Company, has announced the opening of its new UK Head Office Building in Northampton.

Acumen proves key in Newcastle-under-Lyme winning waste management award

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The successful partnership between Acumen Distribution and Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council has led to the Council winning The Waste Management Award at the 2011 Government Business Awards. The Government Business Awards recognise effective business practice in local and central government.

Tackling 'cowboy' suppliers: a day in the life of CHSA's auditor

Through its Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Schemes, the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association is tackling industry cheats head on and is relying on the Schemes' auditor, Gordon Butt, to show them up.

Businesses overlooking financial cost of workplace injury and illness

British businesses are losing their competitive edge because of a failure to tackle the risks of injury and illness in the workplace, the UK's leading professional health and safety body has warned.

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